Good Architecture

As in fashion, today “everything is possible” in architecture. Many roads here and there lead to the destination. Architect Andrea Bódvay finds this diversity exciting, but also challenging. 

Andrea Bódvay

Ms. Bódvay, Design is one of the core competences of an architect. What role does design play in sustainable buildings?

Sustainable OR attractive is a thing of the past. This distinction does not exist anymore. The lines have been blurred and there is a new consciousness: Today, buildings are sustainable AND beautiful. 

You teach design in the degree program Architecture - Green Building. What does “sustainable architecture” mean for you?

Today, you simply have to think about sustainability in architecture. This already starts during the preliminary work on a construction project. Today, we have a wide range of options for realizing sustainable buildings and we have to choose the right ones. That is the task of a sustainable architect. 

Which possibilities are we speaking about exactly?

Architecture has made a lot of developments over the past 20 years: On the one hand, technology plays an increasingly important role in buildings. On the other hand, people also build houses with very little technology. We have more and better, because more ecologically sustainable materials are available. Climate- friendly construction, in other words building with local resources, is gaining increasing focus. We have to learn to handle this diversity and to implement it sustainably.

How do students learn what they need?

By acquiring the necessary knowledge and collecting as much experience as possible. In the degree program Architecture - Green Building they will become familiar with the different aspects of sustainable architecture and learn how to build environmentally, economically and socially sustainable buildings. The experience comes with time and often outside of the program.