University Management

The university Managment is divided into the Rector's Office, which is responsible for all academic aspects, and the Board of Management, which is responsible for the operational acitivites of FH Campus Wien.

Board of Management

The board of management is the public representative of the course-providing body and is responsible for the operational activities of the FH Campus Wien.


Rector's Office

The Rector and the Vice Rectors are responsible for all academic aspects of FH Campus Wien. While the Rector and the Vice Rector for Teaching have been elected by the University Council, the Vice Rector for Research and Development has been appointed by the Board of Management.



A university council has been established for the implementation and organisation of lectures and examinations. This council consists of the head of council and his or her deputy, six representatives from the respective degree programmes, six representatives from the teaching and research staff as well as four representatives from the university's students. The representatives are elected to the Council by their respective groups. The Rector serves as Head of the Council and the Vice-Rector as Deputy Head. The Council meets in regular sessions at least twice a year.

In particular, the Council's tasks include:

  • The election of the board and its deputies.
  • The establishment, modification and discontinuation of degree programmes and advanced training courses
  • Applications for budget matters as well as proposed legislation relating to recruitment and dismissal of teaching and research staff
  • Coordination of content and evaluation of all teaching activities
  • Awarding of academic qualifications and their revocation as well as recognition of foreign academic degrees
  • Enactment of statutes and rules of procedure
  • Decisions on appeals against decisions made by the Head of the Degree Program

Section 10 of the Universities of Applied Sciences Studies Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 340/1993 as amended

In particular, the duties of the Rector as Head of the University Council are:

  • The issuing of instructions to full-time, active members of the teaching and research staff on the nature and extent of their teaching duties.
  • The issuing of teaching assignments based on the recommendations of the Council.
  • Representing the Council to the outside community as well as enforcement of the Council's decisions.

Section 10 of the Universities of Applied Sciences Studies Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 340/1993 as amended

The following service facilities are under the auspices of the Rector's Office: