Partner Universities and Networks

Successful international relations are based on lived partnerships. They promote mobility and cross-border knowledge exchange and form an integral part of the internationalization of FH Campus Wien.  

The partnerships of FH Campus Wien open up a wide range of exchange opportunities for students, teachers and researchers as well as administrative staff. These range from participation in mobility programs to international research collaborations and exchanges within strategic networks. 

Partner Universities

FH Campus Wien has a comprehensive network of partner universities that promotes mobility, transnational cooperation and exchange in teaching and research. 

An overview of our currently more than 150 partner universities is provided by our Database of University Partnerships. Here you can always find information about current exchange opportunities for students, teachers and staff of FH Campus Wien. 

Our international partners can find the current FH Campus Wien Fact Sheer here (PDF 317 KB)

Double und Joint Degree Programs

Double degree or joint degree programs are jointly developed and carried out by several universities. Students benefit from coordinated curricula, learn to work in heterogeneous groups and familiarize themselves with different international perspectives from their discipline. 

Graduation with a Double Degree

As a graduate of a double degree program you will receive:

  • the academic degree from FH Campus Wien and
  • the academic degree from the participating partner university

Graduation with a Joint Degree

As a graduate of a joint degree program you will receive:

  • a joint degree from the universities participating in the program 
  • and thus the related academic degrees from the partner universities

The following degree programs are currently offered as double degree or joint degree, respectively:

European Master’s Degree Program in Social Economy and Social Work (Joint Degree) 

Bachelor’s Degree Program in Occupational Therapy FAB (Double Degree)

For further information about funding opportunities for stays abroad as part of double and joint degree programs, please contact:

Mag.a Mag.a Julia Kovacs, BA
Mobility Coordinator Outgoing
Favoritenstraße 226, P.E.20
1100 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 606 68 77-6157 

For questions regarding the content of the double and joint degree programs, please contact the respective degree program.



The International Network of Universities of Applied Sciences (INUAS) is a strategic partnership between three universities in the DACH countries. As part of the INUAS partnership, students, teachers and researchers have the opportunity to study, teach, work and research across universities. Click here for the FH Campus Wien INUAS activities (information only available in German).

The institutions involved are concerned primarily with questions about urban and regional quality of life in the metropolises of Munich, Vienna and Zurich. They are committed to strengthening the three metropolises as internationally important business and university locations, and provide impulses on current topics such as urban development, environmentally compatible technology, social innovation and health promotion. 

Through participating in the INUAS network, FH Campus Wien establishes itself as a knowledge hub for selected focus topics, pooling competencies and implementing internationally oriented university projects.

Professional Networks

FH Campus Wien participates in international development processes through its membership in various university networks, higher education associations and interest groups.

Our departments are active in subject-specific international networks, which promote scientific exchange and ensure integration into professional policy decisions at a European level. 

FH Campus Wien is also a member of the following international networks: 

  • CONRIS (Cooperation Network for Risk, Safety&Security Studies des Studiengangs Integriertes Sicherheitsmanagement)
  • COHEHRE (Consortium for Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe des Departments Gesundheitswissenschaften)
  • ERG (Erasmus Radiography Group des Studiengangs Radiologietechnologie)
  • INAS (Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialmanagement / Sozialwirtschaft e.V.)