Funding and scholarships

The following scholarships and funding are available for those wishing to study at FH Campus Wien:

Grants and scholarships

Students meeting the necessary criteria are legally entitled to a grant from the Austrian Study Grant Authority. The main criterion for a student grant is the parents' income level. Four years' work experience is the prerequisite for a grant after employment.

The following groups are entitled:

  • Underprivileged students
  • Students with sufficient work experience
  • Foreign scholarship holders
  • Students with children


  • Compliance with study time: minimum study duration plus one additional semester
  • Satisfactory progress (30 ECTS in academic year)
  • Social eligibility for funding
  • Additional earnings limit of €8,000 per calendar year

The level of the grant is between €5 and a maximum of €475 monthly.

Students may be entitled to a maximum monthly grant of €679 if

  • they are required to reside away from home for distance reasons
  • their parents are deceased
  • they are claiming a grant after employment

The tuition fees of €376.36 will be refunded to students who are awarded a grant.

Follow this link to calculate your grant entitlement:

For more information and to apply, please visit

If you are a registered resident of Vienna, you may apply for housing benefit through MA 50, the housing department of the city of Vienna.


  • Austrian citizenship
  • Size of family/household
  • Family/household income
  • Size of house/apartment Housing expenses

Eligibility period

  • Until the age of 24
  • Until the age of 25 for those undertaking military or civil service, pregnant women and those with a serious disability

If you exceed the minimum study duration, you will still be entitled to family allowance for one additional semester. Two changes of program are permitted, provided the final change is no later than the admission period in the third semester.

Proof of study

  • 8 weekly hours per semester (16 ECTS) after the first academic year
  • Relevant certification in case of diploma examination

The earnings limit is €10,000 per year from employment and self-employment. Applications for family allowance are made at your local tax office.


The prerequisite for receipt of a merit scholarship is an average grade of ≤ 2.00 (rounded to two decimal places). The calculation includes studies undertaken across the academic year. The amount of the scholarship is around €1,000, although this depends on the number of students applying. Merit scholarships are coordinated by the various program departments.

The following educational activity is tax-deductible

Further education

'Further education' covers educational measures aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills relevant to a student's current professional activity.


Where an educational measure is aimed at imparting knowledge that will enable a student to practice a particular profession, this is classified as 'training'. You may deduct the cost of training where it relates to an activity directly connected to the profession in which a student is currently engaged.


'Retraining' is defined as an educational measure that facilitates entry into a new vocational activity not related to the student's current profession; the aim of retraining is to enable the trainee actually to practice another profession. An educational measure is only classed as retraining where a trainee is already practicing one profession.

Deductible as advertising expenses

Tuition fees, participation fees, course expenses, costs of documents and specialist reading materials, costs of work equipment (e.g. proportionate PC costs), additional travelling expenses, overnight accommodation costs, daily allowance (if required) for the first five days where educational course does not take place at a student's place of residence or work.

Tax-related arguments have no bearing on the decision as to whether tuition fees are paid immediately and in full (meaning the costs can only be deducted in a single year) or in several instalments (meaning partial amounts can be deducted over several years).