Together we stand for quality: Winner of the Austrian EFQM Award for Corporate Quality 2022

We think our top performances are once again worthy of the Austrian EFQM award and the external assessors have confirmed this! FH Campus Wien is the winner of the Austrian EFQM Award for Corporate Quality 2022 and the winner in the category Non Profit Organizations of the Austrian EFQM Award. Thus, FH Campus Wien not only stands for high-quality education, research and further education, but also for outstanding entrepreneurship.

High quality makes FH Campus Wien stand out. With the application for the Austrian EFQM Award for Corporate Quality 2022, we wanted to make visible the achievements of all stakeholders of FH Campus Wien. After all, quality can only be achieved together! For the time being, FH Campus Wien is the first and only university in Europe to be nominated for and to win the EFQM assessment for the Austrian EFQM Award for Corporate Quality 2022, as well as to achieve the highest possible award "Recognised for Excellence 7 Star". As a result, it is not only the first and only university in Europe with seven stars according to the EFQM Model 2020 for the time being, but also secures a place in the list of Austria's excellent companies once again.

The Austrian EFQM Award is an award for the most successful and best companies in Austria. Based on the EFQM model, the strengths and potentials are identified, the level of excellence is highlighted and the best organizations in the individual categories are awarded.

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Feedback welcome!

Feedback is not only an important pillar to further improve our work, but also the heart of our excellent quality management. Take the opportunity and share your feedback anonymously with the FH Campus Wien quality management team here.

Quality is an important issue. Why? 

  • Study time is life time: Quality in the teaching and learning process as well as a high level of personal commitment enable personal growth and opportunities for joint further development during this important phase of life.
  • Shaping the future: The quality of education plays a decisive role in the success of professional or academic careers.
  • Our social responsibility: Our university is a place of joint research, development, critical discourse and innovation. High quality in teaching and research is a prerequisite for fulfilling our high responsibility as a community of knowledge.

Our approach to quality is:

  • Comprehensive: In accordance with the Total Quality Management approach (TQM), we relate our quality work not only to our core activities, but generally to all stakeholders and aspects in the context of the FH. The EFQM model offers us orientation for achieving this.
  • Systematic: Broadly coordinated processes and structures enable us to shape quality in all service areas and thus ensure continuous improvement. The quality management standard ISO 9001, to which we have been certified since 2011, forms the guideline for this.
  • Evidence-based: Numerous regular surveys and analyses ensure that stakeholder feedback and performance metrics enable well-informed decisions in all areas.

Our activities 

The FH Campus Wien has a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, certified according to § 18 and § 22 HS-QSG, and EFQM, in which all degree programs as well as locations are integrated. Trained quality assurance representatives from the degree programs continuously monitor and maintain the quality management system. The quality assurance representatives receive regular updates and network with each other in periodic meetings.

The quality of the core tasks is regularly assessed and further developed using the following centrally coordinated instruments:

  • course evaluations
  • surveys across the entire study period (first semester, student, internship, graduation, and graduate surveys)
  • surveys of other stakeholders, e.g. employees
  • rankings
  • process and document management
  • evaluations and analyses
  • topic-specific evaluations
  • risk- and opportunity-based measures
  • internal und external audits

Excellent quality management 

FH Campus Wien was the first Austrian university to reach the finals for the Austrian EFQM Award 2015 and won the prize in the non-profit category. In order to apply for the award, an assessment was required. The assessment earned us not only the nomination, but also the highest possible award in quality management at the time, "Recognised for Excellence - 5 Star". FH Campus Wien was thus the first university in the German-speaking world to receive five stars. In 2022, we were able to top the performance: as winner of the Austrian EFQM Award for Corporate Quality 2022 and winner in the category Non-Profit Organizations with the highest award possible „Recognised for Excellence 7* / Recognised by EFQM 7*“. On this path we continue!

Two pillars in quality management

The two most important pillars in the quality management system of the FH Campus Wien are:

Evaluation management

Feedback from students, graduates, lecturers and employees is enormously important in order to maintain the status quo of the quality level and to identify unfavorable developments in good time. At the FH Campus Wien, surveys are conducted on a regular basis and the results are made available in anonymous form to both the respondents and the responsible persons (e.g. heads of degree programs, university management).

Process management

Processes and their interfaces are defined and documented, activities for self-determined process improvement are initiated and process thinking is promoted in the organization. All processes of the FH Campus Wien are depicted in an interactive process map. Regular quality audits are conducted to determine the extent to which the processes are implemented as described.

Student Life Cycle

Taking a student-centered perspective as part of the Student Life Cycle (see illustration) allows us to view our services through the eyes of our students, teaching staff, researchers and employees in the organization and administration. This change of perspective helps to continuously improve teaching, research and administration based on the common goals of educational institutions within the European Higher Education Area, of Austrian universities and the organizational goals of FH Campus Wien. The focus here is on improving the quality of student-centered and research-led teaching, networking in professional fields and interdisciplinary cooperation, as well as the ongoing continuing education of our teaching staff, researchers and employees in the organization and administration (see Code of Conduct). Cross-sectional topics such as internationalization, gender & diversity management and sustainability can also be better taken into account in the various stages of the cycle.