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The library of FH Campus Wien is the center of academic expertise, providing innovative and comprehensive resources and services supporting the learning and research needs of our community. We are committed to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and lifelong learning while embracing new technologies and trends.


Our opening hours

Mon to Thu 9.00-20.00
Friday 9.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-15.00
The library is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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It all starts with good research

As a student, life revolves around knowledge and gathering information - and our library is the perfect place for that. Providing a foundation for your studies and scientific work, we offer a vast treasure trove of information and catalogs. Whether on-site or remotely accessed from your couch - we offer you various research options:

Icon mit einer Lupe
Search engine

For printed media, audio & video, e-books, etc.

Icon eines Magazins oder einer Zeitschrift
Electronic journals

Index of electronically available journals

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Collection of available databases

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Publication database

Index of all publications produced at FH Campus Wien



The library is an open-stack library, which means that available media can be taken from the shelf independently and borrowed on the spot. It is possible to borrow 30 media items at a time. The borrowing period for books, AV media and diploma and master theses is 31 days. This period can be extended to a maximum of six months by timely extension via the search engine, provided that there is no pending reservation for the respective media.

Journals, media marked as reference collection, as well as works in course reserves can only be used on site. More information can be found in the Conditions of Use of the Library and Media Center.

Our holdings are arranged according to the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK). This means that you can get information about the content based on the shelving number and thus browse the shelves for topics even without previous research.

For members of FH Campus Wien, the Campus Card serves as a library card. As soon as the Campus Card is activated, the use of the library is free of charge.

In order to obtain a library card, external users need a valid photo ID, the current proof of residency as well as the completed application form. When issuing the library card, a one-time fee of € 2,- will be charged.

Media can be requested in the library account after you have logged in. You will be informed by e-mail as soon as the item is available for pickup at the information desk for a period of one week.

During opening hours, media can be returned at the counter, at a self-checkout machine or outside opening hours via a return flap next to the library door. Media returned via the book drop will not be booked as returned until the next opening day.

The library will charge € 2,- per reminder. In addition, late fees of 20 cents per medium and per day will be charged. The library account is automatically blocked as of the first reminder. Further borrowing or renewals are only possible after all pending media have been returned and the fees have been paid in full.

Payment of fees is made on site in cash, by Campus Card, or by bank transfer upon request. Please contact for access to bank details.

The perfect work environment

We offer all necessary equipment and services on site so that you can fully concentrate on your studies. In addition to the extensive range of equipment, we also offer further access to literature and media in order to help you find exactly what you really need for your work.

Ein aufgeklappter Kopierer mit einem aufgeschlagenen Buch auf der Kopierfläche.

Copy & Print

Use of the copier with the library's own value card.


Eine Person verwendet den Buchscanner mit einem aufgeschlagenen Buch.

Book scanner

Free and easy scanning of books or media that are not available in digital form


Blick durch die Glastüren der Micro-büros, die etwa so groß sind, wie eine Telefonzelle. Darin ist eine Sitzmöglichkeit und eine kleine Ablage.

Micro offices

For particularly low-noise reading and concentrated work or for participating in webcalls. Please note: the boxes are not completely soundproof.


Bild einer Sitzecke mit Couch und niedrigem Glastisch. Dahinter sieht man mehrere Tischreihen mit PC-Arbeitsplätzen.

Reading corner

For leisurely reading and browsing in our media or for a little break in between.


Links eine lange Reihe von Bücherregalen; rechts mehrere Reihen mit PC-Arbeitsplätzen

Computer workstations

More than 20 freely accessible computer workstations for research and work.


Ein Computerbildschirm mit aufgeklebten Pfeilen, die zeigen, wo man den Bibliotheksausweis zum Scannen anhalten muss, um selbständig Bücher zu entlehnen.

Self-service device

Returning or borrowing books independently - no problem with our self-service device!


Eine Hand zieht ein Buch aus einem Bücherregal heraus.

Open bookshelf

No matter if it's scientific literature, fiction, non-ficiton or illustrated books - there's always room for books that are looking for a new home.


Eine Person wirft ein Buch in die deklarierte Rückgabeklappe

Return flap

Outside opening hours, media can be returned via the return flap.


Further services and support offers

Media that are not in the holdings of the FH Campus Wien library, but are in the holdings of another Austrian library outside of Vienna, can be ordered as an interlibrary loan. Whether a medium is available at another library can be researched via the search engine of the Austrian Library Network. The cost for this service is € 3,- per interlibrary loan.

The lending library determines the loan period, independent renewal is not possible. Please contact for renewal requests.
As soon as the ordered medium is ready for pick up at the information desk, you will be informed via e-mail. The item will only be handed out once the fees have been paid.

Journal articles that are not directly available at the FH Campus Wien library can be ordered via Document Delivery. Alternatively, articles can be ordered independently via the document delivery service Subito. The fastest possible delivery option and the most favorable price are automatically selected.
As soon as a printout of the ordered item is ready for collection at the information desk, you will be informed by e-mail. The item will only be handed out once the fees have been paid.

For thematically relevant media that are not available in the library, a purchase suggestion can be submitted. Should the resource be added to the library's holdings, you will be informed by e-mail as soon as the ordered medium is ready for pick up at the information desk or has been activated in the search engine.

A PDF scan with OCR function can be requested from media available in the library by specifying the respective shelving number and correct page numbers. The shelving number can be found via the search engine.  A maximum of 20 pages or two chapters can be scanned per order. The order can be placed by sending an e-mail to

No matter whether you want to compile and evaluate literature, structure your work process or create formally correct citations in Microsoft Word with a few clicks:

The reference management software Citavi helps you to with your scientific writing.

Download the desktop version or use the browser version. Members of FH Campus Wien can use it free of charge if you register via the institution.

As a member of FH Campus Wien you have the following options to make yourself and your publications even more visible:

Read & Publish

The FH Campus Wien library has signed agreements for free open access publishing via Read & Publish Deals with major scientific publishers (e.g. Springer and Elsevier). This means that articles can be published without additional costs for the authors. Selected publishers (e.g. MDPI) grant discounts on the publication fee if FH Campus Wien is affiliated.

FH Campus Wien as publisher

Research results can be published in full text via the publication database. Thus, they are archived and made permanently citable via persistent identifiers (URN, DOI). For printed works published in the layout of FH Campus Wien, the library provides ISBNs. An ISBN is necessary to market your title in bookstores and online stores.

Editing and Translation Service ENAGO

Through a framework agreement of the library, members of the FH Campus Wien receive discounted conditions for editing and translation services of the company ENAGO. Have your publications professionally edited with the Enago Editing Service. The client is billed directly.

Our training services

The FH Campus Wien library regularly offers trainings and workshops to support students and lecturers in using the resources and improving their research skills.

Learn everything you need to know about library use and research in a short time!

Meeting point: outside the library door A.E.02

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Please contact for a library tour in english!

You need help with online literature research or you have questions about reference management with Citavi?
Then book an appointment with a librarian, where your individual questions will be specifically addressed.

Please contact for an appointment with our experts.

Contact and opening hours

How to contact us

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Our opening hours

Mon to Thu 9.00-20.00
Friday 9.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-15.00
The library is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Event announcement

Lange Nacht des Schreibens am Dienstag, 22nd Februar 2024. More information