What makes the teaching and university didactics at FH Campus Wien stand out

As a higher education establishment, our aim is to provide students with a professional environment in which they can study successfully. Student-centered teaching and learning is thus a particular priority of the university, and one which we are continually striving to enhance. In the process, lecturers and students alike take responsibility for committing to the process of teaching and learning.

Shifting from a theory-based to a practice-oriented teaching approach calls for innovative teaching and learning cultures that encourage students to work autonomously, place problems in perspective and focus on application.

Attractive teaching

Our teaching is focused on the students and broadening their skills. The teachers see themselves primarily as companions and supporters in the learning process.

Our teachers vary their teaching methods and adapt them accordingly for each type of course and the teaching and learning objectives. Imparting knowledge, developing professional skills and interacting with the students are the key elements of this methodological diversity. The use of e-media allows students, especially those studying part-time, the freedom to learn when and where they wish.

Current research results flow directly into the teaching. Students are encouraged to develop research questions independently and to participate in research projects. The focus is on applied research and development. The researchers benefit from the involvement of FH Campus Wien in national and international specialized networks, as well as collaborations with universities, social economy organizations and enterprises.

Through the application and practical relevance of the scientific teaching, students are prepared for the challenges of the working world. Part-time students in particular are able to apply their existing professional knowledge in their education.

FH Campus Wien offers its teachers comprehensive training and qualification opportunities. In addition to university didactics sessions, a University Didactics Circle is also held twice a year. The focus is on innovative teaching methods and best practice examples in teaching. Students and teachers alike, benefit from this ongoing development of their university teaching skills.