Bridging courses

Perhaps you are planning to join in winter semester 2017/18 a technical-related program at FH Campus Wien, and wish to brush up your knowledge of mathematics, physics, English or other subjects before starting? Or perhaps you would like to familiarize yourself with relevant learning and time management strategies in our 'Successful study' workshop?

Either way, seize the opportunity to take refresher and introductory courses specially designed for first semester students at FH Campus Wien.

Target group

Prospective students of the following programs at FH Campus Wien:

Applied Electronics

Bachelor, part-time


Clinical Engineering

Bachelor, part-time


Health Assisting Engineering

Master, part-time


High Tech Manufacturing

Bachelor, full-time



  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Programming in C
  • English
  • Successful study (learning strategies and time management)
  • Electronics - only for the following bachelor's degree programms

    • Applied Electronics
    • Clinical Engineering
    • Information Technologies and Telecommunication

The bridging courses provide basic knowledge of relevance to those embarking on technical bachelor's and master's degree programs. Courses are overseen by experienced FH Campus Wien lecturers who also teach students on technical programs.

Participation is free, although a provisional reservation fee is collected on each course.

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