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Lectures 2022/23

Health Sciences

Plain Radiography 1: General Imaging Techniques, I…
Radiological Technology more

Plain Radiography 1: General Imaging Techniques, Image Analysis & Patient Care ILV

Lector: Sabine Gabriele Gracic, Christoph Kamp, BSc MSc, Barbara Karlhuber, Xenia Oekonomidis, MSc, Sandra Pichler, MSc

4 SWS   5.5 ECTS

Lecture contents

Technical terminology, definitions of terms, projections and spatial directions, geometric laws of X-ray image generation.
Patient information on the procedure and execution of examinations.
Positioning aids, radiation protection agents and their application.
Procedure and execution (preparation, positioning of the patient, positioning of the central beam) of standard radiological examinations including contrast agent applications, taking into account indication and contraindication as well as patient condition.
Analysis of the images on the basis of examples, evaluation with regard to qualitative guidelines and anatomy, recognition of positioning and imaging technique errors as well as their correction.
Professional treatment of sick or injured patients.
Application of personal and patient related hygiene measures.
Safe and ergonomic working with regard to self-protection and the protection of others.
Correct application of structural, technical, patient and personnel-related radiation protection measures.
Assistance in emergency measures such as blood pressure measurements and the preparation of medication and infusions in the event of contrast agent incidents or circulatory breakdowns.
Preparation and follow-up of X-ray contrast agent examinations.

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Final Exam (written final examination, partial performance examinations)

Teaching methods

VO (Lecture, Demonstrations);
UE Activating Form (guided exercises, group work, role play, case studies/case analyses)