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Lectures 2021/22

Health Sciences

> Physiological Needs of the Newborn ILV
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Physiological Needs of the Newborn ILV

Lector: Mag.a phil. Christina Schuster-Weingartner, Bsc, Ilse Steininger, MSc


Lecture contents

Prenatal life, The birth from the baby's point of view, Postnatal adjustment, Midwifery tasks in the delivery room, Initial examination, The first days in a baby's life, SIDS (sudden infant death), Handling and care, Children at risk, Mother's passport, Overview: Developmental steps in the first year of life

Additional focal points: Newborn and pain, Documentation of the newborn, The crying newborn

General: Recognizing your own competencies as a student and the limits of midwifery work.

Assessment methods

Final exam
M or S

Teaching methods

Integrated course