Master’s course

Leadership, Politics and Management



Leadership, Politics and Management


Due to legal changes, the Master's course is currently being revised and is expected to start in the winter semester 2024/25 as a Continuing Education Master's Program (previously Masterlehrgang, now außerordentliches Masterstudium (Continuing Education), a.o. Masterstudium (CE)).


Apart from strong personal motivation, acting and leading in a political environment also requires a thorough understanding of management and responsibilities of leadership. The Master’s degree program for the first time in Austria positions political management at the centre of continuing education. Political systems combined with business administration and management methods are at the core of the curriculum. The Master’s degree program will prepare you for leadership positions in politics and management, also in companies and non-governmental organizations.

Administration, Economics, Security, Politics


  • Professionalizing political work and leadership

  • Expertise in the interaction between administration, politics, business and citizens

  • Strengthen discourse capability with cross-party political network



    Final degree

    Master of Arts in Political Management (MA)

    Duration of course
    4 Semesters
    Organisational form

    Tuition fee

    once payment € 13.600,-

    Alternative model1

    + ÖH premium / semester

    120 ECTS
    Language of instruction

    Currently no application possible

    Study places


    1 Alternative model for installments can be found under "Costs"

    Before the studies

    Working at the intersection to a political system or in a managerial function in politics requires openness, capability for discourse, a good perception of social problems and a willingness to compromise, yet also assertiveness. It is also important to consider your dialog partner's point of view and thereby to surmount ideological barriers. Whilst many see this as a challenge, you see the opportunity to find good and constructive solutions together. You are part of a political organization yourself, or you need to deal with corporate political decision making. Your concept of politics is of a long-term process which impacts the future and your actions are far-sighted. You will, in a management position, be able to implement processes and decisions with a sense of responsibility and prudence. The Master's degree program will add the finishing touch to your above skills.

    Why you should study with us

    Excellent network

    You will build a sustainable network from day one of your studies.

    New ways of thinking

    We invite you to join us in linking topics and thinking in a completely new way.

    Selected teachers

    Decision-makers and experts in their field will teach you at our university.

    Do you still have questions about the study?

    Make an appointment with someone from the course team for a personal consultation via Zoom.

    • Bachelor, Master or Diploma graduation with at least one year of relevant professional practice (political organization, major corporations, administration or NGO).
    • The required university degree may be offset against at least three years of relevant professional experience in a managerial position and other professional qualifications - provided your relevant aptitude is also satisfactory. A commission will in individual cases decide on the applicant's aptitude.

    Regulation for the admission of third country citizens (PDF 233 KB)

    Information for applicants with non-Austrian (school) certificates (PDF 145 KB)

    To apply you will require the following documents:

    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of citizenship
    • Valid photo identification
    • School leaving certificate or university entrance qualification exam
    • Proof of completed degree program
    • letter of motivation and detailed CV with photograph.

    Please note:
    It is not possible to save incomplete online applications. You must complete your application in one session. Your application will be valid as soon as you upload all of the required documents and certificates. In the event that some documents (e.g. references) are not available at the time you apply, you may submit these later via e-mail, mail or in person by no later than the start of the admission process.

    The admission procedure examines the aptitude of the applicants for the Master's degree program. This consists of an admission interview with the course directors. The course coordinator, Mag.a Daniela Antal, will inform you of the date of the admission interview.

    • Aim
      The aim is to ensure places are offered to persons who complete the admission procedure with the best results.
    • Criteria
      The criteria for acceptance are based solely on performance. The geographical origin of the applicant has no influence on the admission decision. The admission requirements must be met in all cases. The process as a whole and all test and assessment results for the admission procedure are documented in a verifiable manner and archived.


    The actually incurred expenses will determine the tuition fees. For the payment of your fees, you may select one of three different payment options:

    Option A

    This option assumes that you are certain to complete and pay for the entire degree course (four semesters). The fees of € 13.600,- are due in full at the start of the degree program.

    Once-off payment of € 13.600,-
    Due about four weeks prior to the start of the first degree program semester.

    Option B

    This option allows you to pay your tuition fees in four installments of € 3.550,- each. The tuition fees must be paid in full, even should you terminate your degree program prematurely.

    Installment per semester: € 3.550,- (full amount: € 14.200,-)
    In each case due about four weeks prior to the start of the semester

    Option C

    This option takes into account the option of terminating the studies after any semester, which is the best option for those who prefer keeping open their options for early termination.

    First, second and third semester, each € 4.500,-
    Fourth semester € 2.000,-
    (total amount € 15.500,-)
    In each case due about four weeks prior to the start of the semester.

    Can I afford the degree program?

    Financial aid is available for academic courses, master courses and for courses and seminars.

    You can find information about funding agencies under grants and scholarships.

    During the studies

    The Master's degree program in Leadership, Politics and Management was introduced in the 2012/13 academic year. This postgraduate degree program is unique in Austria to this day. This is because for the first time managers or persons on the leadership track in political and semi-governmental organizations can now qualify in this field specifically. The degree program combines detailed know-how about political systems with business administration, leadership and management strategies. Our management training for political professions offers you the advantage of studying together with your "peers". This means that your fellow students in the degree program will hail from the political or economic arena, just like you. Your project work also stands to benefit from this interaction. You will combine the knowledge you gained in your own professional practice with the sound scientific know-how of the course. Our lecturers, all of whom are also engaged in their chosen professions, are your guarantee of the practical application of your studies. Our university additionally also presents evening lectures (Campus Lectures), delivered by top notch experts and free for all to attend.

    Your purpose with these studies is to obtain excellent political management skills. This demand is satisfied already in the structuring of the curriculum. This included numerous political role players. This will meet the high expectations you have of the degree program, since two distinguishing features of the Master's degree program are its direct relevance to your professional practice and the first class network. Our invaluable contacts enable you benefit from excursions which will include discussions with top political players. Our university also has profound management and administration skills relevant to the public sector. Our successful cooperation with the Federal Chancellery (Public Management degree program) and the Ministry for Finances (Tax Management degree program) are cases in point.

    Apart from your recognized academic graduation as a Master of Arts (MA), there are additional benefits for you in your Master's degree program. We can offer you the opportunity of obtaining important international certifications:

    • Level D certification by the International Project Management Association IPMA
      Your course will prepare you for level D certification by the International Project Management Association IPMA without the need for any additional courses.
    • Supervisory board certificate 
      You will be able to obtain a certificate within the framework of the degree program which serves to confirm your technical aptitude for supervisory board membership. The preparations for certification for supervisory board membership are fully integrated in the curriculum of the degree program, strengthening your competency for making far reaching decisions in complex systems.

    The objective of the Master's degree program is to teach you the personal and technical prerequisites enabling you to manage complex organizations in the political sphere and in institutes and companies involved in political processes.

    • The degree program will impart specialized knowledge of the administrative political system to you, including its relevance to business economic theories, processes and analytical methods.
    • You will acquire expert knowledge of system and complexity theories, project and process management, strategy development and change management.
    • You will learn about new methods of strategic management and discussion and negotiation techniques, including debating the challenges posed by modern leadership principles.
    • On the basis of concrete examples, you will deepen your knowledge about the relationship and interaction between the economy, politics and society. In the course of the first three semesters, you will be analyzing complex political projects and problems, applying your know-how to practical cases.


    Fundaments of business management MODUL
    7 SWS
    11 ECTS
    Fundaments of the political system MODUL
    8 SWS
    12 ECTS
    Scientific working methods MODUL
    1 SWS
    1 ECTS
    Organization and leadership theories MODUL
    4 SWS
    6 ECTS

    Applied empirical research methods MODUL
    2 SWS
    3 ECTS
    Applied political analysis MODUL
    7 SWS
    11 ECTS
    Management of complex systems MODUL
    5 SWS
    7 ECTS
    Values-based leadership MODUL
    6 SWS
    9 ECTS

    Resilient leadership MODUL

    Resilient leadership MODUL

    Lector: Mag.a Daniela Antal, Mag.a Petra Bernhardt, Mag.(FH) Andrea Cantele, Juliana Klemm, Bernhard Schlegl

    5 SWS   7 ECTS



    5 SWS
    7 ECTS
    State, politics and media MODUL

    State, politics and media MODUL

    Lector: Dr. Christian Böhmer, Dr. Dietmar Halper, Mag. Wolfgang Tomaschitz, Mag. Dr. Florian Wenninger

    6 SWS   9 ECTS



    6 SWS
    9 ECTS
    Applied transformational leadership MODUL

    Applied transformational leadership MODUL

    Lector: Mag.a Daniela Antal, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Grabner, Julia Newertal, MSc, MSc, Günter Toth

    6 SWS   10 ECTS



    6 SWS
    10 ECTS
    Communicating political und scientific issues MODUL

    Communicating political und scientific issues MODUL

    Lector: Mag.a Petra Bernhardt, Maximilian Freissler, MA., Mag. Clemens Mayr-Harting

    3 SWS   4 ECTS



    3 SWS
    4 ECTS

    Master Thesis MT

    Master Thesis MT

    Lector: Mag.a Petra Bernhardt, Maximilian Freissler, MA.

    4 SWS   23 ECTS



    4 SWS
    23 ECTS
    Compulsory optional subject ILV

    Compulsory optional subject ILV

    Lector: Mag.a Petra Bernhardt, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Grabner, Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Andreas Schnider, Mag. Maria Seifert-Gasteiger

    4 SWS   7 ECTS



    4 SWS
    7 ECTS

    Teaching type
    From the 1st semester, blended learning for some courses (class attendance phases and e-learning phases)

    In blocks over weekends, Friday to Monday, one to two blocks per month.

    After graduation

    As a graduate of this program, a wide range of occupational fields and career opportunities are open to you. Find out here where your path can take you.

    You may deploy your comprehensive management skills in all fields of politics and civil society in a leading position in the following areas:

    • On EU, Federal, State, Regional and Municipal level

    • Cabinets of ministries or in the offices of political decision makers (city or state councilor)

    • Political (semi)organizations and interest groups and also organizations with political objectives

    • Public organizations (infrastructural bodies, hospitals, relief agencies, etc.)

      • Companies

      • International organizations (UN, OSCE, etc.)

      • Consulting and expert opinion in political structuring and communication processes

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        Head of Program

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        Mag. Dr. Petra Bernhardt

        Head of Programs Political Management, Leadership, Politics and Management, Digitization, Politics and Communication

        Administration & Organization

        Mag. Daniela Antal

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