Dipl.-Päd. Mag.a Erna Schönthaler

Occupational Therapist
Academic Staff

T: +43 1 606 68 77-4315
F: +43 1 606 68 77-4309

Room: D.1.31
Favoritenstraße 226
1100 Wien

Lectures 2021/22

Health Sciences

> Developing professional attitude – Understanding c…
Occupational Therapy more

Developing professional attitude – Understanding change ILV

Lector: Petra Paukowitsch, BSc MA, Petra Schwab, MSc


Lecture contents

legal framework conditions relevant to the profession: Overview of patients' rights and measures to secure these rights; basic principles of the DSGV)
Fundamentals of ethics and diversity
Fundamentals of change management in relation to personal development
Develop and formulate individual goals, design and reflect on own change processes (professional competence development), reference to own values, inner team, ZRM, SMART, GAS
Introduction to networked (cross-module) portfolio work.

Assessment methods

Module exam

Teaching methods

Portfolio, individual mentoring (competence development talks), lecture, group work, discussions, (peer) feedback




> Assessments SE
Health Assisting Engineering more

Assessments SE

Lector: Dipl.-Päd. Mag.a Erna Schönthaler


Lecture contents

- Assessment procedures and instruments in movement and action science
- Quality criteria of assessments and their calculation methods
- COSMIN checklist for the assessment of studies and reviews on quality criteria
- Possibilities of cross-cultural adaptation
- Discussion: Linking outcome parameters and ICF (function, activity, participation, environment).
- Reflection and exchange of the assessments used in practice and the outcome parameters collected.

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Immanent performance review (description of an assessment by means of a given form and the COSMIN checklist; presentation and exchange in small groups)

Teaching methods

Exchange in small groups
Presentations in small groups




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