Future Hero Award

Future Heroes take center stage!

Facing the challenges of our time requires courage, perseverance and commitment - character traits of true heroes. With the Future Hero Award, FH Campus Wien honours graduates who make an important contribution to society, are committed to sustainable developement and a future worth living, serve as role models and demonstrate innovative spirit and foresight.

How do we honor the Future Heroes?

The award ceremony will take place as part of the grand opening of the new building at the main location in Favoriten. The three graduates can not only look forward to congratulations and admiration, but will also receive

  • a Future Hero Award,
  • a two-day hotel stay for two people including a visit to a restaurant (either in Vienna for the award ceremony or as a voucher),
  • a written certificate and
  • a seal to use for their own communication channels.

The procedure at a glance

Nominate yourself or others using the following online form. The nomination can relate to either professional activities in general or a specific project.


The nominated individual must be a graduate of FH Campus Wien and have completed their studies at the time of nomination. The nominated person must agree to be contacted and participate in public communication activities related to the award.

Please note that only individuals are eligible for nomination for this award. Group or team nominations will not be accepted. 
We value individual achievements and aim to ensure that the focus remains on the contributions of individual participants.

A jury consisting of representatives of FH Campus Wien will judge the submissions on the basis of the following criteria with 1-10 points each:

  • Social relevance: How important is the activity/project for society?
  • Outreach: How many people will it help?
  • Sustainable development: To what extent does the activity/project contribute to sustainable development? We are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. You can find an overview and explanation of the individual SDGs here.
  • Role model effect: To what extent does the nominee inspire others to also make a positive contribution?
  • Innovation: To what extent does the nominee contribute to the development and dissemination of new products, methods or social practices?

The graduates with the highest number of points will be contacted by the department Corporate Communications of FH Campus Wien by 15th April at the latest. Please note: The nominee must agree with the public communication measures for the award and be available for coordination of further steps.

We have now had enough time to get to know our potential Future Heroes and to prepare a presentation of the finalists for the community voting. Now it's your turn again! From 13th June you can cast your vote online and thus actively participate in deciding which three graduates will become our Future Heroes 2024. The announcement and invitation to the award ceremony will take place in the week following the voting.

The award ceremony is scheduled for November 2024, subject to schedule changes. Invitations with the exact date and time will be sent out in mid-July. If you are unable to attend, please send us a video message from your Future Hero.