Information about Corona virus

Below you will find information about the latest developments.

(26th April 2022)
Obligation to wear FFP2 masks is suspended

As of Monday, 2nd May 2022, we will suspend the obligation to wear FFP2 masks. This means that you no longer have to wear an FFP2 mask on the premises of FH Campus Wien, but you can of course do so on a voluntary basis. We recommend that you continue to wear a mask for larger gatherings or teaching events that involve close contact.

Face-to-face teaching

As of Tuesday, 19th April FH Campus Wien is back on campus (study, teaching, research and office operations). At the same time, we rely on clear safety measures. Where didactically, methodically and organizationally reasonable, courses will remain online regardless of the Covid-19 situation. The 2.5-G rule will be suspended until further notice. In the case of study locations at hospitals, the regulations applicable there must be complied with.

Notification of Covid-19 remains necessary

Employees will have to report a positive test result or a Covid-19 illness to the payroll department. Students will have to report their absences via the absences notification in the student portal.
Details on Covid-19 notification can be found here.


FFP2 masks are no longer required for indoor events and graduations. Organizers are free to define higher safety measures for their events, but must inform their participants in advance.