Mag. Dr. Mario Steyer

Academic Staff
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Room: A.2.21
Favoritenstraße 226
1100 Wien

Lectures 2022/23

Administration, Economics, Security, Politics

Introduction to scientific thinking UE
Public Management more

Introduction to scientific thinking UE

Lector: Mag.a Karin Schönpflug, Mag. Dr. Mario Steyer

1.5 SWS   2.5 ECTS

Lecture contents

- Characteristics/genres of scientific texts, scientific practice and scientific thinking
- Forms and diversity of science, operation of science
- Relations between science and society; use of scientific arguments in decision-making
- Identification and research of scientific texts
- Quoting
- Argumentation
- Structure of scientific work

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Two online multiple-choice tests (Moodle); two individual seminar papers (conducting a literature search, writing a literature review)

Teaching methods

Reading (guided) of given scientific texts and other materials (citation guidelines); teacher input with discussion; learning videos; individual work assignments with feedback; group exercises




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