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Lectures 2022/23

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Methods of problem-oriented applied social researc…
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Methods of problem-oriented applied social research ILV

Lector: Mag.a Julia Dahlvik, MA, DI Michal Sedlacko, MSc PhD

1 SWS   2 ECTS

Lecture contents

- Literature research and "state of the art" - what does this chapter in the master thesis do?
- Writing workshop: scientific argumentation; descriptive v. critical/analytical writing
- Repetition: formulating good research questions
- Short repetition of the contents from the first two semesters with focus on methods of data collection and evaluation
- Discussion of the argumentation exercise & status of the literature search for the master thesis
- In-depth: data sources and methods of data collection and evaluation, "interpretation" in quantitative and qualitative research: from figures, protocols and transcripts to results
- Research planning and research process; individual and larger or commissioned projects; proposal; group exercise: outline.

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
The acquisition of the above-mentioned competences will be checked in the course of the immanent performance assessment by means of several written submissions in preparation for the master thesis, e.g. exemplary discussion of a scientific argument, chapter "state of research", and proposal.

Teaching methods

The combination of different teaching methods - lecture and distance learning, self-study, practical exercises based on individual and group work, discussion and feedback from peers and teachers - enables a diverse transfer of knowledge and skills on the one hand and takes into account different learning types among students on the other. By means of practical applications, students are challenged in this exercise to acquire new competences and to reflect on them in connection with the contents of other courses. The selected working materials and research examples provide a reference to the central topics of the course as well as current focal points such as SDGs and digitization.




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