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Head of Department Applied Life Sciences
Head of Degree Programs Molecular Biotechnology
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Lectures 2022/23

Applied Life Sciences

Reflection of Internship SE
Molecular Biotechnology more

Reflection of Internship SE

Lector: FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Beatrix Kuen-Krismer, FH-Prof. Dr. Paul Watson

2 SWS   2 ECTS
Master Project Seminar ILV
Molecular Biotechnology more

Master Project Seminar ILV

Lector: FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Beatrix Kuen-Krismer

1 SWS   1 ECTS

Lecture contents

During this course, the students independently - with the support of the Master's Thesis Coordinator - seek a research project in an inter/national life science research institution or research company, whose content, quality and duration is suitable to write a high-quality master's thesis. Together with the direct supervisor of the research project, the students prepare a project plan for the course of the research project. The plan contains the project goals, the problem definition and the method spectrum to be used.
In small groups, the students present the elaborated plans of their planned research projects to their peer group as well as their motivation to carry out this research project. The group discusses and reflects on the presented problems, strategies and methods and gives their feedback.

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment

Teaching methods

Activating Methods: e.g. presentations, discussions …