Health in the spotlight

"There are thousands of diseases, but only one health." So said the German journalist Ludwig Börne in the 18th century. Knowledge about health contributes to care and prevention. New professions in health care and nursing help to strengthen our health competence and aim at interdisciplinarity. Diagnostics in the health sector is also at the interface of several specialist areas, where examinations with innovative technologies quickly provide clarification. FH Campus Wien trains experts in these areas in new academic courses.

The occupational field of health care and nursing is expanding more and more through the stronger focus on health and its maintenance and promotion. In Austria, new occupations in the field of public health or primary care are increasingly being established. They offer health and nursing staff with experience the opportunity to actively help shape the job description after having obtained higher academic qualifications.

Public health care

With health advice and coaching, experts in Public Health support different target groups including communities, families, businesses, schools and kindergartens. To provide this support, the training is just as necessary as the coordination of diagnostic-therapeutic measures. However, epidemiological monitoring also plays an important role. The Academic Course Public Health is in the starting blocks and will cover extensive competencies for the diverse field of application. This ranges from diabetes lectures or measures in company health promotion to “everything about dental care” programs for children.

Primary care centers - first point of contact for patients

Experts for Primary Health Care Nursing work in primary care centers or in group practices in an interdisciplinary team. One of their main tasks is to provide care in acute cases, and they also carry out preventive home visits. With advice and support, they help chronically ill patients and relatives, for example, to expand their knowledge of the disease and to take helpful measures. Starting with 2022, nursing and health research will also play a central role in the academic course for evaluating nursing standards.

Sonography - ultrafast detection

In autumn 2021, the internationally oriented Academic Course Sonograpy started in the diagnostic area. For radiology technologists and medical practitioners, it brings specialization as well as technical updates of medical and physical content. Intra- and extramural teachers guide students through training on high-end ultrasound devices in the sonography skills lab. The sonography simulator also uses real-life cases: The simulation system offers virtual and real clinical ultrasound data with pathological findings from over 500 patients.