Informatics (extension curriculum)

This extension curriculum consists of a predefined group of modules with the aim of teaching students the fundamentals of computer science as well as basic methods of software engineering. It serves as a basis for an advanced, interdisciplinary Master's degree program. This interdisciplinary study combines translational, transcultural, computer science, and linguistics disciplines.

In cooperation with the University of Vienna, it is planned to start the English-language Master's degree program Multilingual Technologies in the winter semester 2022/23. One focus is on methods for creating and using language technologies, for example technologies to support research, information and knowledge management, language data management, and translation and interpreting. Another focus is on language resources such as terminologies or computer dictionaries.

Admission to the Master's degree program Multilingual Technologies requires a Bachelor's degree in a suitable subject (e.g. Transcultural Communication of the University of Vienna or Computer Sciences and Digital Communications of the FH Campus Wien) as well as the following subject-specific knowledge:

  1. Basic knowledge of language technologies and technical communication
  2. Basics of computer science, basic methods and tools of software engineering

The specially developed extension curriculum Language Technologies and Technical Communication of the University of Vienna as well as the extension curriculum Computer Science* of the FH Campus Wien cover this subject-specific knowledge.

Transcultural Communication (Bachelor)aExtension curriculum: Computer Science

Language of teaching: English


Duration: one semester (each summer semester)


Admission Requirements

  • Current studies at the University of Vienna
  • Completed STEOP (entrance and admission examination) of the Bachelor’s degree program Transcultural Communication
  • Proof of sufficient proficiency of English at level B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.  

Evidence of B2 for students with English in their language combination:

Completion of the lecture Translational Language and Textual Competence English as well as lessons Functional Grammar and Textual Stylistics English as part of the Bachelor's degree program Transcultural Communication.

Proof of B2 for students without English in their language combination: certificate proving proficiency of the language at level B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for English

The number of students of the University of Vienna is limited to 25 persons.

Preference will be given to students with more ECTS credits completed.


Application period: Applications for the 2025 summer semester are possible from December 2024

Applications to:

Application documents:

  • Transcript of records/confirmation of courses passed from which the fulfillment of the above-mentioned requirements is evident.
  • If the above-mentioned B2 proof for English is not evident from the transcript of records/confirmation of courses passed, an equivalent certificate is required.

Application and contact

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