Sabine Enzinger, MBA

Biomedical Scientist
Academic Staff

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Lectures 2019/20

Health Sciences

> Case Studies 2 SE
Biomedical Sciencemore

Case Studies 2 SE

Lector: Susanne Bauer-Mitlinger, Bernhard Dürschmied, MSc, Sabine Enzinger, MBA, Silke Jäger, MSc, Michaela Zahradnik, MSc

0.5 SWS
0.5 ECTS

Lecture contents

Based on selected cases the following issues will be worked on:
Interconnected comprehension of organ-specific functions and deduction of related laboratory-analytical parameters based on case studies.
Cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, in particular carbohydrate and lipo-metabolism. Physiological and pathophysiological connections of the genesis of urine and other body fluids as well as the laboratory analytics of those (e.g.: blood, urine, liquor, sperms, perspiration, synovial fluids, puncture fluids, stool). Selected cases of the cardiovascular system (arteriosclerosis, thromboembolic diseases and haemorrhagic diatheses, respiration, etc) and of the neurovegetative regulations (gastrointestinal tract, etc.), inflammation, types of inflammation, viral and bacterial inflammation, examples of the science of tumors. Explain and present special body systems with its pathologies based on examples, interconnect with the corresponding laboratory parameters.

Assessment methods

Presentation of the results in working Group - continuous assessment

Teaching methods

Problem based learning

> Introduction to Biomedicine VO
Biomedical Sciencemore

Introduction to Biomedicine VO

Lector: Bernhard Dürschmied, MSc, Sabine Enzinger, MBA, Dejan Milosavljevic, MSc


Lecture contents

Medical terminology. Knowledge of important vocabulary and word components of medical terminology, explanations and definitions. Compilation of a glossary.
Brief and succinct overview of the cell, overview of metabolic functions. Characteristics of cells, structure and function of cells organelles.
Introduction to molecular biology of nucleic acid.
Application principles of immunological, molecular and cell-biological methods for answering complex biomedical questions.
The lecture is a bridge to previous knowledge of previous trainings.

Assessment methods

final written examination

Teaching methods

Well structured media supported lecture, worksheets, reading and discussing specialist literature, activating group work



> Laboratory Diagnostics of Molecular Biology 1 ILV
Biomedical Sciencemore

Laboratory Diagnostics of Molecular Biology 1 ILV

Lector: Sabine Enzinger, MBA, Helena Seper, MSc, Mag.a Veronika Stefanik

2.5 SWS

Lecture contents

Isolation and concentration measurement of DNA
Execution of relevant molecularbiological analytical methods
Basics of Quality Assurance
Documentation, Validation and Interpretation of results

Assessment methods

Permanent assessment (practical Training, oral repeats, reports, work in Groups)
final exam
lab protocol

Teaching methods

structured an media supported lectures
work in groups
oral repetitions
self study
practical training
lab protocol


The publications of Sabine Enzinger written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.