FH-Prof. Mag. Peter Stepanek

Head of Degree Program Social Economy and Social Work

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Room: S.4.23
Kelsenstraße 2
1030 Wien

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Lectures 2021/22

Social Work

> Introduction to Social Economy SE
Social Economy and Social Work more

Introduction to Social Economy SE

Lector: FH-Prof. Mag. Peter Stepanek


Lecture contents

- Social Economy & Social Management: evolution, definition, boundaries
- Social Economy in Austria
- Nonprofit, Lowprofit and Profit Organizations in times of hybrid organizations
- Social Services: service management, development of new services, new offers at the interface of the social sector and other disciplins
- How to act economically in the the Social Sector: effectiveness, efficiency, economisation
- Economics versus Business Administration
- Impact orientation in the Social Sector
- Trends in the Social Economy

Assessment methods

55% position paper (including peer feedback)
30% moodle-test
20% research work about a social economy organization

Teaching methods

combination of presentations, case studies, individual work and discussions



> Master's Thesis Seminar 1 ILV
Social Economy and Social Work more

Master's Thesis Seminar 1 ILV

Lector: Mag.a Florentina Astleithner, Mag.a Helga Eberherr, Mag. Roland Gombots, DSA, Bakk., Christian Heschl-Sprung, MA MA, MMag. Gerald Käfer-Schmid, Bakk., MSc, Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Müllner, BEd, Dr. Barbara Schörner, FH-Prof. Mag. Peter Stepanek


Lecture contents

- Presentation of the exposé and of intermediate results of the Master thesis,
- discussion of topics,
- formulation of research issues,
- analyzis of research methods,
- counselling concerning next work-steps

Assessment methods

- successful presentation of the exposé


- Uploading of the exposé and submitting the (working) title of the master thesis until 8th December 2020 (Portal for students)

Teaching methods

The students
- present, discuss and reflect the Status Quo of their Master thesis and prepare questions along the research process and
- discuss the Master thesis of colleagues in different stages of their thesis and give a constructive feedback as important hints for the next working-steps.

The lecturers
- discuss together with the students parts or aspects of their Master thesis (in different stages) and give a constructive feedback as valueable hints for the next working-steps.




The publications of Peter Stepanek written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.