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Lectures 2021/22

Applied Life Sciences

> Chemistry in Packaging Technology ILV
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Chemistry in Packaging Technology ILV

Lector: Dr. Christian Kirchnawy, Bernhard Rainer, MSc


Lecture contents

General and inorganic chemistry:
- Atomic structure and atomic models
- Periodic table of the elements
- Chemical bonds
- Stoichiometry
- Acid-base concept
- Conservation laws and consequences
- States of matter
- Chemical equilibrium
- Types of bonds
Organic chemistry:
- Properties of org. compounds
- Functional groups (alcohols, phenols, ethers, sulphur compounds, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and derivatives, amines, epoxides);
- Nomenclature of alkanes
- Polymers: basics
Biochemistry/natural product chemistry:
- Amino acids, peptides and proteins: structure, composition and properties, denaturation
- Carbohydrates & sugars: structure, composition and properties, starch and cellulose
- Fats & oils: structure, composition and properties

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Exercises, intermediate exams, written final exam

Teaching methods

Blended learning, consisting of lectures, exercises and repetitions during the classroom sessions, exercises and e-learning units including book chapters and teaching videos.




The publications of Bernhard Rainer written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.