Excellent social work

In March 2021, Sabine Maria Scharf and Jonathan Kufner-Eger received the Austrian Science Award for Social Work for their outstanding research. Three months later, the innovative master’s theses by Ramona Iberer, Karoline Peneder and Anna Prügger were awarded an Erika Stubenvoll Scholarship.

Sabine Maria Scharf completed the Master’s Degree Program Spatial and Clinical Social Work at FH Campus Wien. In her excellent thesis, she explores the life worlds and the unpaid and paid care work of women in rural peripheral areas. “The separation of so-called productive and reproductive work has always irritated me, especially the associated gender-specific unequal treatment,” says the award winner. The fact that care work, although it makes a significant contribution to the production of prosperity in a society, is still being marginalized socially and politically is incomprehensible and is even particularly intensified in regions and social spaces already affected by peripheralization.

Social work findings

Jonathan Kufner-Eger’s dissertation explores the consequences of integration and exclusion mechanisms in social work assistance for offenders. He teaches social work in the bachelor's degree program at FH Campus Wien. “The impulse to deal with this research topic originated from the observation that practice and theory in probation service were subject to a sudden process of upheaval,” explains Kufner-Eger. His doctoral thesis gave him the opportunity to understand the everyday practical work of a probation officer as a preconditioned social phenomena. The Austrian Science Prize for Social Work is awarded every two years by the Association for the Promotion of Scientific Publications on Social Work for special scientific achievements and is presented at the annual conference of the Austrian Society for Social Work (ogsa).

Practice-relevant expertise

For her work on the care needs of older drug users in Vienna, Ramona Iberer, a graduate of the Master’s Degree Program Spatial and Clinical Social Work, received an Erika Stubenvoll Scholarship. Two further scholarships were awarded to graduates of the Master’s Degree Program Children and Family-centered Social Work: Karoline Peneder researched the effects of interventions promoting attachment in parent-child relationships and Anna Prügger dealt with sexual assault among children in inpatient child and youth welfare facilities. The Erika Stubenvoll Scholarship is awarded annually by Volkshilfe Wien for innovative theses by master’s graduates in the Department Social Work at FH Campus Wien.


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"Students often underestimate the practical value of their empirical theses. They provide important inputs for the further development of the social sector and for solving specific problems in social work. Awards, prizes and grants make these achievements visible and promote cooperation between education, training, research and practice."

Brigitta Zierer, Head of Department Social Work (2015-2021)


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