Die FH Campus Wien forscht in den Departments Applied Life Sciences, Bauen und Gestalten, Gesundheitswissenschaften, Pflegewissenschaft, Public Sector, Soziales sowie Technik:

Applied Life Sciences

> Allergy Research
> Biotech Research
> Cell Based Test Systems


> Manufacturing and Automation
> Security and Safety
> Smart & Green Technologies
> Active and Assisted Living

Bauen und Gestalten

> Construction Economy
> Smart Buildings
> Structural Engineering
> Active and Assisted Living

Public Sector

> Accounting and Taxes
> Effect-oriented Public Management
> Secure Societies


> Evidence Based Practice
> Health Care Research
> Laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging and radiation therapy
> Active and Assisted Living


> Evidence Based Practice in Health Care and Nursing
> Health Promotion & Prevention in Nursing
> Nursing Educational Research
> Active and Assisted Living


> Research on Childhood, Youth and Families
> Social Policies and Social Economy
> Social Work Research
> Active and Assisted Living