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Lectures 2021/22

Health Sciences

> Therapeutic exercises + treatment techniques ILV
Physiotherapy more

Therapeutic exercises + treatment techniques ILV

Lector: Mag.a Ursula Eckler, Hanna Minihofer, Daniela Obermayer, Natascha Petersch, Mag.a Claudia Schume, Michaela Strauss, MSc


Lecture contents

Basics of instruction and adapting to individual condition
Selected exercises with and without ball aimed for functional training of core stability, stability and mobility of spine, extremity joints and leg axis
Basics and principles of treatment techniques based on Functional Kinetics (lift-free/reduced lift mobilization, buttressing mobilization) in all movement planes, practical application in selected cases/examples
Realization of physiotherapeutic process taking account of treatment techniques and therapeutic exercises by selected examples/cases including reflection
Introduction in design and structure of therapeutic exercises with and without ball, cross-linking already acquired concepts of functional movement and exercises

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Practical examination on model

Teaching methods

Presentation and active-learning method, e.g. practicing on the model, role play




> Ergonomics and Industrial Safety at Work ILV
High Tech Manufacturing more

Ergonomics and Industrial Safety at Work ILV

Lector: Mag.a Ursula Eckler, Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Schulik


Lecture contents

Legal Requirements
Safety Policy and Systems
Root cause Analysis
Risk Management of work places
Safety Equipment

Assessment methods

Written Test and Project

Teaching methods

Lecture, discussion, Workshops, case Studies




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