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Lectures 2021/22

Administration, Economics, Security, Politics

> Self-management and the culture of responsibility …
Public Management more

Self-management and the culture of responsibility UE

Lector: Mag.a Natalia Hartmann, Mag.a Elfriede Konas


Lecture contents

- Basics of systems theory according to Luhmann
- Self management tools according to Covey
- Rules for constructive feedback
- 12-step burn-out scale
- Seven keys to increasing resilience
- Fields of responsibility in connection with SDGs (as well as the challenges of digitization)

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Assessment of performance through a reflection assignment as well as individual distance learning exercises and participation in working groups.

Teaching methods

Smaller lecture units, group exercises with emphasis on the application of different methods, case solutions, discussions, work assignments, partly online elements in the Flipped Classroom, work assignments in the online teaching on Moodle (question-answer forum).



> Constitutional and EU law ILV
Public Management more

Constitutional and EU law ILV

Lector: Mag.a Natalia Hartmann


Lecture contents

- Constitutional foundations Function and structure of the three state powers
- Basic principles of the Federal Constitution
- Origin of the law (legislative)
- Execution of the law (executive)
- Protection of the law (judiciary)
- Basic and human rights
- Overview EU institutions, their functions and procedures

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
The course concludes with a written (open book) final examination, which includes small case studies on constitutional law, EU law and fundamental rights. A mid-term test asks for definitions of terms and "legal vocabulary". One or two distance learning tasks on case solutions complement the performance evaluation.

Teaching methods

Flipped classroom and lecture with activating methods for teaching the material, case solutions, group work, and discussion, as well as problem-based learning for deepening and applying the material.




The publications of Natalia Hartmann written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.