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Lectures 2021/22

Applied Life Sciences

> Cell Culture Laboratory LAB
Molecular Biotechnology more

Cell Culture Laboratory LAB

Lector: Kay Holleis, BSc MSc, FH- Mag.a Marianne Raith


Lecture contents

Experiment 1: Handling of Cell Lines (Splitting, Cryoconservation, Live-Dead-Ratio)
Experiment 2: Growth Curve (Evaluation of Doubling-Time and the Influence of Changed Culture conditions)
Experiment 3: Cell cycle/Mitosis
Experiment 4: Cytoskeleton/Transfection
Experiment 5: Problem-Based Learning

Assessment methods

Opening exam (Moodle)
Active participation during the whole course (technical performance and participation)
closing discussion (similar to oral exam) and presentation of the problem-based question (in groups)
every student has to write a protocol describing the experimental part of the course (deadline 2 weeks after the end of the laboratory course, see Moodle for further details)

Teaching methods

Preliminary discussion of the theoretical background of the experiments and practical implementation of the experiments. Problem-based learning.



> Scientific Method: Immunology SE
Molecular Biotechnology more

Scientific Method: Immunology SE

Lector: FH- Mag.a Marianne Raith, Ines Swoboda


Lecture contents

In this course the students learn strategies of scientific research. In a small group they develop a strategy for a given topic (in Immunology), by designing experiments and work packages which they evaluate according to different criteria like costs, effort, efficiency. Finally each group presents its research project.

Assessment methods

Final exam
Presentation and discussion of the developed strategy

Teaching methods





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