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Lectures 2020/21

Health Sciences

> Logopedic process in orofacial dysfunctions ILV
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Logopedic process in orofacial dysfunctions ILV

Lector: Barbara Maier, MSc


Lecture contents

- Structure and development of orofacial structures and their functions in relation to the logopaedic processInteraction
- with the stomatognathic system and logopaedically relevant dysfunctions of the orofacial system (orofacial dysfunctions)Logopaedics
- disch relevant correlations of the orofacial system with the body, posture and movement including practical implementationAnamnesis and
- diagnosis of orofacial functions with practical implementation of the survey and logopedic
examination- Selection
- and practical application of adaptive, digital and apparatus-based methods to support the logopaedic processTarget setting
- and logopaedic therapy planning in theory and practical implementationEvaluation of
- logopaedic
therapy in the field of speech therapy- Preparation of
- therapy documentation, progress and final report in compliance with the DSGVTheoretical
- and practical implementation of all phases of the logopaedic process in the case of orofacial dysfunctions by means of case studies and practical exercises

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
theoretical-practical, oral and written, 2 partial performances with weighting 50/50

Teaching methods

Presenting, elaborating, exploring




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