Advanced Nursing Counseling / Complementary Care

Master degree program for advanced professional training, part-time


Know-how about counseling concepts and techniques create an important foundation for successful and proactive health care and nursing. The master's degree program in Advanced Nursing Counseling will qualify you to provide health and nursing counseling with a focus on preventive, solution and resource oriented counseling for patients, clients and families. This program, as well as the other advanced nursing master's degree programs for management and teaching, all focus on advanced clinical nursing skills combined with evidence-based care, nursing science and research. Thus, FH Campus Wien covers a wide range of the highly skilled health care and nursing professions.

Program in accordance with § 9 FHStG

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Duration of course
4 Semester
Final degree
Master of Science in Advanced Nursing Counseling (MSc) or
Master of Science in Advanced Nursing Complementary Care (MSc)
Organisational form

Application period for academic year 2018/19

1st October 2017 to 31st August 2018

tuition fee

once payment
€ 10.800,-

+ ÖH premium / semester

What you can offer

You have a professional picture of health care and nursing that incorporates proven methods as well as the development towards health promotion and counseling. For this reason, you want to combine and round out your previous nursing experience with science and research. You see evidence-based care as the impetus to improve nursing. Your personal strength lies in communication and negotiation skills. However, you are aware that this alone is not enough. You need special techniques and concepts for professional counseling. Overall, you show strong initiative and have the ambition to help establish an emerging professional field and to further develop structures in health care facilities that both make possible and promote counseling.

What we offer you

FH Campus Wien is now the largest university of applied sciences for health in Austria. Since being the first university of applied arts in Austria to establish a bachelor's degree program in nursing already in 2008, we now possess extensive expertise and a large network of partners. This includes the University of Vienna, with whom we have a teaching network. Important partners from the industry include the Vienna Hospital Association, with whom we work closely to organize our extensive internships for the bachelor's degree program, and the Vinzenz Group. In addition to teaching, we are also involved in research and development. R&D projects in the field of health care and nursing offer you the opportunity to participate in application-oriented practical research and to make valuable contacts for your future career. Based on evaluation studies, we further develop the contents of the program or examine issues such as what do "simulation patients" offer as a third place of learning. There is great potential in multi-site research projects. Practical relevance is also guaranteed at our Campus Lecture evenings, which are open to all and feature contributions from prominent experts.

What you will learn in the degree program

The master's degree program in Advanced Nursing Counseling combines the following three core areas:

  • Science and research: based on research questions from daily life, you analyze, examine and explain research findings. You learn to implement evidence-based research findings in nursing practice and to incorporate research sustainably into practice.
  • Advanced Nursing Practice: you acquire advanced nursing science skills along with deepening your basic training and expertise acquired from practical experience. In addition, you learn to integrate advanced assessment-based plans of action into nursing practice. The focus of Advanced Nursing Practice comprises selected clinical conditions, such as chronic diseases, including dementia disorders, oncological diseases as well as preventive and health promotion topics.
  • Care and Health Counseling: one third of your training is dedicated to advisory responsibilities in nursing. You learn to implement counseling concepts that are resource-oriented, solution-oriented and prevention-oriented. As part of the master's degree program, you will become skilled at counseling individuals and groups of patients, clients, family members and residents as well as applying relevant counseling techniques.



Lecture SWS ECTS
Advanced Nursing Practice 1 ILV

Advanced Nursing Practice 1 ILV


Lecture contents

basics 1 ANP (Nina Kolbe MSc)
introduction ANP-definition
history and development of ANP
features of ANP
fields of work
main competences
roles and development of experience of ANP
chances and need
introduce and support ANP
effects on nursing care, doctors, organizations and the public

ANP regarding heart degeneration (Nina Kolbe MSc)
people with chronic heart degeneration
assess actual state of the person affected systematically, plan specific measures
assessment instruments for the acquisition of nurturing behaviour
national and international attempts to optimize the care taking and guidance of people with heart degeneration (e.g. heart failure disease management, programs, open house for heart degeneration information, telenursing, telemonitoring, educational programs)
content of counselling of heart degeneration
outcome parameter and the borders and possibilities to measure efficiency of nursing care interventions with poeple with chronic heart degeneration ( health related quality of life, knowledge, activity level, depression)
critical observation of results of intervention studies in this area

ANP regarding colorectal cancer ( habil. Maya Zumstein-Shaha)
Presenting the needs of various patient groups briefly
Presenting the function, tasks and assignments as well as the ANP-role
Refreshing the ANP model as proposed by Hamric et al. (1)
Refreshing the PEPPA framework (2)
Presenting various theories of nursing (3, 4), which may serve as theoretical framework to developing an ANP role,
Demonstrating the development of an ANP role by drawing on the example of an ANP for colorectal cancer.

APN: ethic (Mag.a Hiemetzberger)
general ethics: explanation of the basic ethical terms and positions that play an important part in the professional context
introduction to the basic positions of ethical judgement and argumentation
appplied ethics: values and value conflict in the health system and areas of responsibility
ethics of organisation: organisation of communicative self reflexion
ethic counsellling, clinical ethic commitee
ethical decision making process: methods and models
discussion of case histories to get the skills for reflexion, judgement and argumentation in the interdisciplinary dialogue

Assessment methods

Written elaborations

Teaching methods

Lecture, presentation, discussion, pbl, teamwork



4 10
Clinical assessment 1 ILV 1 2
Advanced nursing science ILV

Advanced nursing science ILV


Lecture contents

-applied nursing care science
-EBN through EBN process
-gaining of options of solutions
-focus on different practice-relevant contents
-supported acquiring of the process steps
-consolidate known contents of nursing care science
-critical evaluation of research literature

Assessment methods

seminar paper

Teaching methods

-interactive lecture-active participation in class-reading of scientific English studies



2 5
Academic writing ILV 1 2

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Counseling

Lecture SWS ECTS
Counseling methods and counseling processes ILV 1.5 3
Counseling theories and concepts ILV 1.5 3
Pathology/pathophysiology ILV 1 3
Pharmacology ILV 1 2

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Complementary Care

Lecture SWS ECTS
Counseling methods and counseling processes ILV 1.5 3
Counseling theories and concepts ILV 1.5 3
Basics - Therapeutich Touch 1 UE 1 2
Selfcare 1 UE 0.5 1
Theories & Models Complimentary Care ILV 1 2

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Complementary Care

Lecture SWS ECTS
Assessment - Therapeutic Touch 3 UE 2 4
Counseling communication ILV 1.5 3
Energy & Chinese Medicine ILV 1 2
Neurosciences ILV 1 2
Selfcare 2 UE 0.5 2
Spiritual Care ILV 1.5 3
Supervision 1 SE 1 2

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Counseling

Lecture SWS ECTS
Counseling communication ILV 1.5 3
Counselling-relevant legal areas ILV 1 2
Case and Caremanagement on case level ILV 1 3
Family health nursing ILV 1 2
Content-oriented healthcare and nursing advice, including training ILV 3 6
Nursing and chronic diseases ILV 1.5 3


Lecture SWS ECTS
English specialist literature work and Professional English ILV 1 2
Personal education, counseling and communication ILV 2 4
Qualitative research methods ILV 1.5 3
Quantitative research methods ILV 1.5 3


Lecture SWS ECTS
Advanced Nursing Practice 2 ILV 1.5 6
Research-based nursing practice ILV 1 2
Health promotion and prevention ILV 2 4
Clinical assessment 2 ILV 1 2
Statistics UE 1 2

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Complementary Care

Lecture SWS ECTS
Application - Therapeutic Touch 3 UE 2 4
Project- and quality management PSE 2 4
Psychoneuroimmunology and Endocrinology as well as Psychosomatics and Epigenetics ILV 1 2
Selfcare 3 UE 0.5 1
Supervision 2 SE 1 2

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Counseling

Lecture SWS ECTS
Counseling professionalisation ILV 0.5 1
Case and Caremanagement on system level ILV 1 2
Case-oriented health and nursing counseling ILV 2 4
Conflict consultation and mediation ILV 1.5 3
Project- and quality management PSE 2 4

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Counseling

Lecture SWS ECTS
Consulting in groups and social systems ILV 1 3
e-counseling and e-literacy ILV 1.5 4
Training and conveyance concepts in nursing ILV 1.5 3

Specialization: Advanced Nursing Complementary Care

Lecture SWS ECTS
Evaluation - Therapeutic Touch 4 UE 2 4
Research - Holistic Care and Complementary Care ILV 1 2
Holistic Caring Process UE 1.5 3
Supervision 3 SE 0.5 1


Lecture SWS ECTS
Master thesis - seminar SE 0.5 2
Master thesis MT 0 18

How you benefit

You have already gained experience in upper grade health care and nursing. With this master's degree program you can help shape this emerging professional field as a health and nursing counselor and support evidence-based nursing. You are an expert when it comes to providing counseling in public and private health care facilities. You will be involved in the areas of inpatient, day-patient and out-patient care. You will be responsible for discharge management in hospitals, nursing facilities or clinics. At nursing support or counseling centers you will be involved in case and care management. Your counseling will also take the social environment into account. You will not only counsel patients and their families, but also entire organizations and nursing teams. You will take on case counseling, process or project consulting and coaching. You will not only be active face to face, but also online. In addition, you will be responsible for knowledge management. You will also apply your knowledge in research projects at universities and colleges.

  • Public and private health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes or outpatient clinics
  • Counseling centers for nursing care and support or nursing support centers
  • Organizational consulting and coaching
  • Knowledge management and online counseling (eCounseling & eLiteracy)
  • Universities, universities of applied sciences (research)


The program fee is determined according to the actual costs. In addition to the tuition fee, you will also have to pay the ÖH student union fee each semester (currently approximately € 18.00).

You can choose between three models with different payment options:

Variant A

Variant A assumes that you will complete and pay for the entire program. In this model, you will pay the entire fee prior to the start of the program in a single payment of € 10.800,-.

Single payment: € 10.800,-
(Due approximately 4 weeks before the start of the first semester.)

Variant B

This model offers you the possibility to pay the program fee in four installments of € 2.835,-. If you decide to leave the program early, you will still have to pay the entire fee.

Installment per semester: € 2.835,- (total amount € 11,340.00)
(Each due approximately 4 weeks before the semester begins.)

Variant C

This model takes into account the possibility of leaving the program after each semester and is ideal for those who want to keep the option open to leave the program early.

First, second, third semester: each € 3.510,-.
Fourth semester: € 1.890,- (total amount € 12,420.00)
(Each due approximately 4 weeks before the semester begins.)

Can I afford the degree program?

Financial aid is available for academic courses, master courses and for courses and seminars.

You can find information about funding agencies under grants and scholarships.


Admission requirements

  • Relevant bachelor or similar qualification from an institute of higher education with a total of 180 ECTS credits or
  • Diploma in upper grade health care and nursing services + additional courses (including higher education entrance qualification, evidence of special services - e.g. further training, special training - examined individually; specific conditions apply where appropriate.
  • Equivalent certification from abroad

Equivalence is determined by international agreements, validation or in individual cases a decision by the head of the academic section.

  • Preceding or concomitant two years' experience (practical relevance)

Please note!

It is not possible to save incomplete online applications. You must complete your application in one session. Your application will be valid as soon as you upload all of the required documents and certificates. In the event that some documents (e.g. references) are not available at the time you apply, you may submit these later via email, mail or in person by no later than the start of the degree program.

The selection process

The selection process consists of a selection interview, in which we would like to learn more about your motives, skills and knowledge. Any extraordinary achievements or special training will be given special consideration.

Secretary's office

Verena Matejik, BA
Favoritenstraße 226, D.3.22
1100 Vienna
T: +43 1 606 68 77-4006
F: +43 1 606 68 77-4009

Office hours during the semester
Mon to Wed, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. 
Thur, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Fri, 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Teaching staff and research staff

Cooperations and Campusnetzwerk

We work closely with the Vienna Hospital Association (KAV), professional associations and other health care facilities. This guarantees you strong contacts for your professional career or participation in research and development activities. You can find information about our cooperation activities and much more at Campusnetzwerk. It's well worth visiting the site as it may direct you to a new job or interesting event held by our cooperation partners!