Holistic Therapy and Salutogenesis

Master degree program for advanced professional training, part-time


Holistic therapy and salutogenesis (health maintenance) focus on the person as an individual in order to strengthen their health. In the master’s course you will expand your consulting expertise in the legally recognized health profession in which you work. Essential is an integrative perspective of the human body as a complex network of interconnected subsystems and an interdisciplinary dialogue with clients or patients.

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Duration of course
4 Semesters
Organisational form
Language of instruction German
20Study places
Final degree
Master of Science (MSc)

Currently, application is not possible, since the curriculum is being revised.

tuition fee

once payment:

€ 13.600,-1

+ ÖH premium per semester

1 Alternative payment options will be possible

What you can offer

You come from a legally recognized healthcare profession and it is important to you to focus on maintaining health, and to continue your education according to the current state of science. At the same time, you are interested in advancing science and research, thus connecting to international standards.

What we offer you

As Austria's largest training center for non-medical health professionals, especially the higher-level paramedical services, midwives and nurses, FH Campus Wien has extensive expertise and a large network in the health care sector. An important partner in the areas of education, research and development is the Vienna Healthcare Group. The FH Campus Wien network also includes ministries, universities, professional associations and other interest groups. Through these partnerships and our own Department Health Sciences, FH Campus Wien attracts outstanding teachers and conduct research on current topics which you as a student will explore during your studies as well as in your master's thesis. At FH Campus Wien you have the opportunity to enter an interdisciplinary professional community and in the master's course to learn from and with each other even across the disciplines. Practical relevance and a focus on interdisciplinary topics is also guaranteed at our Campus Lectures, public lecture evenings with prominent experts, that FH Campus Wien regularly invites you to join.

What makes this degree program special

Holistic therapy and salutogenesis do not focus primarily on the disease, but the individual people including interacting factors such as physiological processes, environmental influences and nutrition. Essential is an integrative perspective of the human body as a complex network of interconnected subsystems and an interdisciplinary dialogue with clients or patients. The objective is to integrate holistic methods in the counseling and therapy of legally recognized health professionals and to strengthen science and research in this area by international standards.

What you will learn in the degree program

You will expand your consulting and communication skills and learn to apply an integrated approach. Overall, the master's course will show you a broad spectrum of holistic methods, ranging from Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy to TCM (traditional chinese medicine).

In order to better understand the human body as a complex system, you will explore the fundamentals of medicine and natural sciences as well as systems theory and analysis. You learn traditional holistic health systems of different cultures. You will strengthen your skills for scientific work and research.

Career opportunities

As a graduate you will pursue an integrative approach, depending on your health profession, in diagnosis, consulting clients or patients on possible holistic therapy approaches and methods and jointly creating treatment plans. These methods can be applied in a varied and sustainable manner already in health care and prevention. You will work in a wide variety of fields:

  • Health sector, health promotion and prevention
  • Social services, including nursing and care facilities
  • Medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Education and training for health professionals
  • Staff positions and interfaces in public service


Admission requirements

Bachelor's degree or comparable degree from a domestic or foreign post-secondary or tertiary educational institution and professional qualification in one of the following health care professions, including registration in the corresponding list (this also includes a general university entrance qualification or study permit examination and proof of special achievements/continuing education/special training after individual examination and, if applicable, the imposition of conditions):

  • Medical Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Educated Nurses
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Health Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Pharmacist
  • Midwifery
  • Biomedical Science
  • Dietics
  • Logopedics
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Orthoptics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiological Technology

In addition to an essay on a general topic (D), the following obligatory subjects for university courses of study are considered as admission requirements for entrance examinations: Biology and Environmental Studies, English 2, Physics 1, Chemistry 2, Mathematics 1. The entrance examination has to include a combination of at least three of the listed subjects, the elective subject can be chosen freely.

Depending on the type of training and the date of graduation, a total of at least 180 ECTS must - if possible - be earned. In the case of training as a psychotherapist*, you must provide evidence of successful completion of the training up to the point of professional qualification. A certificate is equivalent if it is agreed under international law or has been nostrified. The course management can also recognise the certificate in individual cases with appropriate conditions.

Information on the authentication of foreign documents


              More details to follow.

              Admission procedure

              The admission procedure consists of an admission interview, in which we would like to learn more about your motives, skills and knowledge. Any extraordinary achievements or special training will be given special consideration.


              Dr. Gerhard Hubmann

              Head of Master's Course Holistic Therapy and Salutogenesis
              T: +43 1 606 68 77-4480

              Secretary's office

              Michaela Fucik
              Favoritenstraße 226, D.3.16
              1100 Vienna
              P: +43 1 606 68 77-4480
              F: +43 1 606 68 77-4489

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              Cooperations and Campusnetzwerk

              We work closely with the Vienna Healthcare Group, laboratories for general medicine, the Medical University of Vienna and other European universities, the professional association biomed austria and other health care facilities. This guarantees you strong contacts for internships, employment or participation in research and development activities. You will complete the extensive internships at, among others, the hospitals of Vienna Healthcare Group. You can find information about our cooperation activities and much more at Campusnetzwerk. It's well worth visiting the site as it may direct you to a new job or interesting event held by our cooperation partners!

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