Start Your Career

FH Campus Wien is one of the first higher education institutions to offer its bachelor students 'Start Your Career', a mentoring and support program run by the Department of Building and Design in partnership with leading companies. For three semesters, participating students have the chance to gain exclusive insights into the corporate world. The program will also assist in the development of your personality and professional orientation. The first phase of 'Start Your Career' has already commenced; the program for selected students has started in the winter semester of 2014 and is now in the second turn.

Your advantages

Sample days and internships provide students with insights into the way top companies work. By attending special trade fairs, you can make direct contact with the senior executives of our cooperation partners.

Get to know senior managers at leading companies and establish personal contacts at an early stage.

Individual support and feedback on your personal demeanor and conduct in selected workshops and seminars will enable you to enhance your soft skills, giving you the best possible preparation for your future professional life.

Among other things, you will benefit from insights into the internal training programs of our cooperation partners.

As a participant in Start Your Career, you can accept an internship with one of our cooperation partners, take a part-time job to get a feel for the working world and benefit from extra support in your bachelor studies from the company and FH Campus Wien itself.

Our cooperation partners

Start Your Career is implemented in partnership with three leading companies: STRABAG AG, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG and the civil engineers FCP. Each of these organizations has something special to offer our students, from insights into a company (sample days, work placements) to further education opportunities and special support for participants in their bachelor's program studies.

STRABAG SE, Austria's foremost construction firm, is active in all fields of the construction industry. The Group's range of services spans the entire value chain in this area: structural engineering, civil engineering theory, traffic route engineering and niche areas such as real estate development and tunnel building.


Professional education and training for people of all ages in all occupational groups is critical to the business success of our Group. By helping us identify young talent, Start Your Career supplements our personnel marketing concept very effectively.

Günter Senoner, Head of Human Resource Development, STRABAG SE

The long-term aim of the ÖBB, Austria's largest state railway company, is to establish itself as one of Europe's leading railway businesses. The core business of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG revolves around delivering a reliable railway infrastructure that is fit for purpose while ensuring the smooth running of railway traffic. 

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

We already offer students trainee programs, internships and support in their dissertations. Start Your Career enables us to reach out to that precise group of young people who will help us establish the railway as the transport system of the future.

Norbert Krausner, Human Resource Development Team Leader at ÖBB

FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH is an international office of civil engineers. The company focuses on services in the areas of planning, structural design planning, project management, monitoring, structural design inspection, general planning, research and compliance with the Construction Work Coordination Act. 

Ziviltechnikerbüro FCB

Our staff are capable of acting independently and responding rapidly to emerging needs, and in doing so we encourage them to display an entrepreneurial approach. General and personal staff development plans aimed at furthering employees make up an integral part of our management policy as we aim to cultivate a creative working environment. The Start Your Career mentoring program is the ideal counterpart to our personal staff development strategy. It also provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate students into our organization at an early stage.

CEO, FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH

The program

Phase 1 (all participants)

Practical presentationExperts share real-world experiences and introduce trades and professions
Internship fair (2nd semester)Companies introduce themselves
Campus network platformJob and internship market
Campus lecturesExperts address specialist themes
Visits to companies/construction sites

Phase 2 for selected students (semesters 3 to 5)

Initial applicationto attend the Assessment Center
Assessment CenterParticipation in a professional selection process
Kick-off eventfor selected students and companies
Tailor-made trainingat FH Campus Wien
Specific offersfrom leading companies for selected participants
Closing eventfor students and companies