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Lectures 2021/22


> Motion analysis and biomechanics ILV
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Motion analysis and biomechanics ILV

Lector: Sebastian Durstberger, MSc, Carissa Klupper, BSc MHPE


Lecture contents

- Basics of kinematics: nomenclature of orientation to the individual, as well as movements around axes and planes; position-related and action-related activity of the musculature, balance reactions, continuing movements, basics of movement analysis.
- Fundamentals of Biomechanics: Fundamentals of kinetics, dynamics and statics and their application in biomechanical motion analysis; elementary mechanical loading cases including their calculation, load-dependent behavior of biological tissues including injury patterns.
- Motor learning: Physiological and anatomical basics of movement execution and control; explanation of terms, learning phases and steps, factors influencing learning and evidence-based recommendations for motor learning.

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Written seminar paper and written examination

Teaching methods

Frontal teaching with individual and group exercises, as well as a work assignment with feedback




The publications of Sebastian Durstberger written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.