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Lectures 2021/22

Health Sciences

> Applied movement sciences ILV
Physiotherapy more

Applied movement sciences ILV

Lector: Sebastian Durstberger, MSc, Werner Eske, MSc., Bakk., Christina Kaufmann, BEd BSc MSc, Mag.a Meike Klinger, Bakk., Mag. Oliver Maier, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr.rer.nat. Peter Putz, Peter Raidl, BSc Bakk Msc, Mag. Niels Ruso, FH-Prof. Klaus Widhalm, MSc


Lecture contents

Basic kinetics, dynamics and statics, and it´s application in biomechanical movement analyses as basic arthrokinematics
Basic mechanical load situations and behavior of human tissues
Selected instrumentational methods in movement sciences in clinical and research settings
Principals of data processing and data analyses in movement sciences

Assessment methods

Final exam
Module examination (oral-practical execution of an multimedia presented case study) (Module exam)

Teaching methods

Presentation and activating method, active-learning method, flipped classroom, blended learning




> Motion analysis and biomechanics ILV
Health Assisting Engineering more

Motion analysis and biomechanics ILV

Lector: Sebastian Durstberger, MSc, Carissa Klupper, BSc MHPE


Lecture contents

- Basics of kinematics: nomenclature of orientation to the individual, as well as movements around axes and planes; position-related and action-related activity of the musculature, balance reactions, continuing movements, basics of movement analysis.
- Fundamentals of Biomechanics: Fundamentals of kinetics, dynamics and statics and their application in biomechanical motion analysis; elementary mechanical loading cases including their calculation, load-dependent behavior of biological tissues including injury patterns.
- Motor learning: Physiological and anatomical basics of movement execution and control; explanation of terms, learning phases and steps, factors influencing learning and evidence-based recommendations for motor learning.

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Written seminar paper and written examination

Teaching methods

Frontal teaching with individual and group exercises, as well as a work assignment with feedback




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