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Lectures 2019/20

Health Sciences

> Immunohaematological Laboratory Diagnostics ILV
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Immunohaematological Laboratory Diagnostics ILV

Lector: Karin Maria Drobits, MSc, Sylvia Merchiori, Mag.a Christine Rieß, Martina Stöckl


Lecture contents

- Pre-analytics
- Fields of application of immunohematological analyses
- Various immunohematological test procedures and sources of error
- Analyses of genetic markers on erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets
- Analyses of antibodies directed against these markers
- Analyses for blood transfusion, organ transplantation and parentage testing
- Critical assessment of the reuslts
- Directives and legal bases of the field
- Quality management
- Documentation, evaluation and interpretation of the test results

Assessment methods

Final exam together with a permanent assessment of performance

Teaching methods

Practical exercise in groups, self study, demonstration, structured guidelines