Personendetail Elisabeth Pinter, BSc

Research Staff

T: +43 1 606 68 77-3584
F: +43 1 606 68 77-3589

Room: OG3.F.10
Helmut Qualtinger Gasse 2
1030 Wien

Lectures 2019/20

Applied Life Sciences

> Chemical Laboratory Exercises UE
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Chemical Laboratory Exercises UE

Lector: Elisabeth Pinter, BSc, Bernhard Rainer, MSc


Lecture contents

•Safety in the chemical laboratory
•Laboratory protocols
•Use of basic laboratory equipment
•Semiqantitative analysis of anorganic anions and cations
•Quantitative analysis using volumetric methods
•Creation of a calibration function based on a practical example
•pH and pH-testing methods
•Preparation of solutions and determination of the exact concentration
•Basics of the chemistry of plastics

Assessment methods

Practical laboratory work (50 P), laboratory protocol and final examination (50 P)
100 P, 60 P to pass

Teaching methods

Practical laboratory work and lectures, with E-learning.




The publications of Elisabeth Pinter written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.