Bernhard Rainer, MSc

Research Staff

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Room: OG3.F.10
Helmut Qualtinger Gasse 2
1030 Wien

Lectures 2020/21

Applied Life Sciences

> Chemistry in Packaging Technology ILV
Industrial Packaging Technology more

Chemistry in Packaging Technology ILV

Lector: Dr. Christian Kirchnawy, Bernhard Rainer, MSc


Lecture contents

General and Inorganic Chemistry :
- Atomic structure and atomic models
- Periodic Table of Elements
- Chemical bonds
- Acid-Base concept
- Conservation Laws
- States of Matter
- Chemical equilibrium

Organic chemistry:
- Types of bonds
- Substance Classes ( saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, aromatic
Compounds , haloalkanes, alcohols, phenols,
Ethers , sulfur compounds, aldehydes, ketones,
Carboxylic acids and derivatives , and carbonic acid
Derivatives, amines );
- Acid / base strength of organic compounds
- polymers

Biochemistry :
- amino acids
- Peptides and proteins
- fats
- carbohydrates

Assessment methods

Integrated course with immanent examinations

Assigned work task/student participation/intermediate exams (60 P), final written examination
(40 P)

100 P, 60 P to pass

Teaching methods

Blended learning consisting of lectures, workshops,student presentations and E-learning-units.



> Chemical Laboratory Exercises UE
Industrial Packaging Technology more

Chemical Laboratory Exercises UE

Lector: Elisabeth Pinter, BSc, Bernhard Rainer, MSc


Lecture contents

• Safety in the chemical laboratory
• Laboratory protocols
• Use of basic laboratory equipment
• Semiqantitative analysis of anorganic anions and cations
• Quantitative analysis using volumetric methods
• Creation of a calibration function based on a practical example
• pH and pH-testing methods
• Preparation of solutions and determination of the exact concentration
• Basics of the chemistry of plastics

Assessment methods

Practical laboratory work (50 P), laboratory protocol and final examination (50 P)
100 P, 60 P to pass

Teaching methods

Practical laboratory work and lectures, with E-learning.




The publications of Bernhard Rainer written at FH Campus Wien can be found in our publication database, others in the personal web space.