Research Fields

Applied Life Sciences

> Biotechnology
> Molecular Biotechnology
> Sustainability and Packaging Research

Building and Design

> Active and Assisted Living
> Construction Economy
> Structural Engineering
> Sustainable Architecture and Smart Buildings

Health Sciences

> Active and Assisted Living
> Evidence Based Practice
> Health Care Research
> Laboratory Diagnostics, Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

Applied Nursing Science

> Active and Assisted Living
> Evaluation Research in Health Care and Nursing
> Evidence Based Practice in Health Care and Nursing Research
> Research in Health Promotion & Prevention in Health Care and Nursing

Social Work

> Research on Childhood, Youth and Families
> Social Policies and Social Economy
> Social Work Research


> Active and Assisted Living
> Manufacturing and Automation
> Security and Safety
> Smart & Green Technologies

Public Sector

> Accounting and Taxes
> Public Management Research
> Secure Societies