Ethics Commission for Research Activities

In 2021 FH Campus Wien became the first University of Applied Sciences in Austria to establish its own ethics commission.

FH Campus Wien had already established an ethics commissionfor research projects in the health sciences study programs in 2014. Due to the high demand for research ethics questions, this commission was expanded to include all seven departments in 2017. FH Campus Wien has now taken a decisive step further and is the first University of Applied Sciences in Austria to establish its own ethics commission.

For Vienna as a business and university location, this is an important step towards the future:

FH Campus Wien’s ethics commission advises on research ethics issues and specific legal and data protection principles. It sees itself as establishing an ethical discourse on compliance with good scientific practice, and thus assumes responsibility and offers support to research projects in guaranteeing compliance with ethical research guidelines.

The variety of courses embedded in seven departments from different disciplines results in an abundance of research opportunities. In order to be able to do justice to these diverse and often very heterogeneous research projects and methodological approaches, an ethics commission is necessary which is appropriate to these challenges

In the process, the ethics commission acts without instructions and undertakes to follow international ethical guidelines - such as the Declaration of Helsinki, Austrian Agency for Scientific Integrity’s (ÖAWI)Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice its current version 2019 (PDF, 897 KB) and the core principles of social science research ethics.

The main task of the ethics commission within the rules and regulations (see § 3 of the GO) is the assessment of research work and projects with regard to ethical research aspects, which also includes examining suitable research methodology according to ethical criteria. An assessment can only take place after an ethics application has been submitted. You can find more information about the assessment in the download area under FAQ.

After assessment, the ethics commission decides whether to issue a vote (see Section 4 of the GO).

The rules and regulations of FH Campus Wien’s ethics commission can be found in the download area of the submission platform.

Members of the ethics commission

The interdisciplinary ethics commissionof FH Campus Wien consists of 13 permanent members (§1 GO), for each of which a deputy has been appointed. In addition, the commission has a pool of experts at its disposal.

The chairperson of the ethics commission is KommR. OStR. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Andreas Schnider, his two deputies are Maria Fürstaller and FH-Prof. Univ. Ines Swoboda.

Members of the ethics commission are:

+ the Vice-Rector for Research and Development: Mag.a Elisabeth Haslinger-Baumann, DGKP;  FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Heimo Sandtner, Rektor (deputy)

+ a member of the council: Mag.a Verena Musil, MSc MBA; Leokadia Grolmus (deputy)

The following representatives of FH Campus Wien’s departments of are members of the ethics commission:

Contact person Ines Swoboda
Academic Staff
T: +43 1 606 68 77-3660 

Deputy Mag.a Alexandra Graf
Research and Development
T: +43 1 606 68 77-3612 

Contact person

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Manfred Steiner
Academic Staff
T: +43 1 606 68 77-2210 


FH-Prof. DI Dr.techn. Markus Vill
Course Leader for Technical Building Equipment, Construction and Renovation Technology for the Real Estate Industry, Academic Staff 

Contact person

Mag. Dr. Peter Putz
Research and Development Department Health Sciences, Head of Competence Centre INDICATION
T: +43 1 606 68 77-1723 


Reinhard Meixner, BSc, MA
Biomedical Analyst, Research and Teaching
T: +43 1 606 68 77-4129 

Contact person

Tamara Großbichler, BScN MA
Lehre und Forschung
T: +43 1 606 68 77-4023 

Deputy Mag.a Elisabeth Haslinger-Baumann
Academic Staff
T: +43 1 606 68 77-4015

Contact person

Mag.a Maria Fürstaller
Academic Staff
T: +43 1 606 68 77-3241


Mag.a Nina Hover-Reisner
Head of Degree Program for Social Management in Elementary Education
T: +43 1 606 68 77-3231

Contact person

Eveline Prochaska, BSc MSc
Academic Staff
T: +43 1 606 68 77-2410 


FH-Prof. DI Christian Halter
Academic Staff, Chair of Works Council 

Contact person

DI Michal Sedlacko, PhD MSc
Academic Staff


Mag.a Julia Dahlvik, MA
Academic Staff, Member of Works Council
T: +43 1 606 68 77-3817

+ a lawyer

Mag.a Monika Zach, MA; Mag.a Anna Gruböck (Deputy)

+ a doctor:

Dr. Roland Frank

+ a patient representative:

Mag.a Anita Kavalirek

+ a person with a science-based research ethics competence:

KommR. OStR. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Andreas Schnider; Dozent (PD) Dr. Andreas Klein (deputy)


Should you have any questions about data protection law, please contact our data protection expert:

> DIin (FH) Daniela Janko

Head of Quality Management, Data Protection Coordinator


For any further questions, please contact the ethics commission at or on +43 1 606 68 77-1542.

Submission platform

You will be redirected to our submission platform via the icon "submission platform". There you will find all relevant and fundamental information on submitting an ethics application. No submission will take place by clicking the icon "submission platform". To submit a submission, you must first create a user account on this submission platform.

In the download area of our submission platform you will find

  • all fundamental/relevant information for preparing an application
  • as well as for submitting an application

to FH Campus Wien’s ethics commission.

Please note the respective submission deadlines for each commission sitting.

The following applications can NOT be processed by the ethics commission of FH Campus Wien:

  • Studies that fall under the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and the Medicines Act (AMG). If you are pursuing a research project in this regard, please liaise with the contact person in the discipline-specific department of FH Campus Wien.
  • Applications for research projects that deal with the manipulation of animals or the killing of animals for the purpose of organ and tissue removal, and the creation and use of transgenic animals.
  • The work of the ethics commission is in the consolidation phase, so only applications for projects that are institutionally anchored at the FH Campus Wien can currently be processed (as of May 2021).

Commission Sittings

Sitting of 31st March 2022

End of the submission period 3rd March 2022

Sitting of 28th April 2022

End of the submission period 1st April 2022

Sitting of 2nd June 2022

End of the submission period 5th May 2022

Studienjahr 2022/23:

Sitting of 13th September 2022

End of the submission period 16th August 2022

Sitting of 18th October 2022

End of the submission period 20th September 2022

Sitting of 22th November 2022

End of the submission period 25th October 2022

Sitting of 15th December 2022

End of the submission period 17th November 2022

Sitting of 21th February 2023

End of the submission period 24th January 2023

Sitting of 21th March 2023

End of the submission period 23th February 2023

Sitting of 25th April 2023

End of the submission period 26th March 2023

Sitting of 30th May 2023

End of the submission period 2nd May 2023

Submissions June - August:
Applications can also be submitted during the non-sitting period (June - August). Please note, however, that this may take longer to process.

Coordination of the ethics commission


Mag.a (FH) Mag.a Katharina Zimmer-Hausmann
T.: +43 1 606 68 77-1542

Iryna Tomkovych
T.: +43 1 606 68 77-1532