Postcard from Sweden


Interview with Nicole Unger


Which three words describe your host country most accurately?

Nature, Lagom (balanced, just the right amount of something), Fika (coffee break, mostly with pastries such as Kanelbullar).

What should not be missed?

Going to Gothenburg’s archipelago by ferry, visiting Gothenburg’s amusement park called Liseberg (especially during Halloween and Christmas season!) and buying a huge cinnamon bun in Gothenburg’s most beautiful district Haga.

What was your best experience during the stay?

I love thinking back to when I spent hours exploring the untouched nature on the beautiful island of Marstrandsö.

What impact will your stay abroad have on your future career?

The Swedes taught me to take it easy, nothing is ever as bad and impossible as it seems. And the most important thing I learned here: Mistakes are always the beginning of an improvement process, so don’t be hard on yourself for making them.

What piece of advice would you give to future exchange students/staff?

Go for it! Do not have doubts or fear! And most important: Do not let anyone prevent you from going abroad, if this is what you really want. You probably won’t get a chance like this again, so don’t hesitate. This experience is beyond price!


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