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Lectures 2021/22


> Risk Management in a Hospital ILV
Clinical Engineering more

Risk Management in a Hospital ILV

Lector: Dipl.-Ing. Markus Brunnbauer, MA, Mag. Florian Laber, DI Walter Sebron

> Introduction to Safety Methods of Analysis ILV
Safety and Systems Engineering more

Introduction to Safety Methods of Analysis ILV

Lector: Dr. Reinhard Preiss, DI Walter Sebron


Lecture contents

- Methods of systematic hazard identification
- Risk analysis and risk assessment
- Overview of analysis methods
- Inductive, deductive and explorative methods
- Qualitative and quantitative methods
- Data sources for quantitative methods
- Procedures and advantages and disadvantages of
- Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
- Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
- Failure Mode and Effect Criticality Analysis
- Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
- Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
- Event Tree Analysis (ETA)
- Cause-Consequence Analysis (CCA)
- Layer-of-Protection Analysis (LOPA)
- Human Task Analysis (HTA)
- Relative Risk Ranking
- Comparison of Methods (Advantages and Disadvantages)
- Guideline for the Selection of a Suitable Analysis Method
depending on the Use Case

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment

Teaching methods




> Safety Management Systems ILV
Safety and Systems Engineering more

Safety Management Systems ILV

Lector: Ing. Andreas Dvorak, MSc, DI Walter Sebron


Lecture contents

- Introduction to process-oriented management systems
- Challenges of Management Systems
- Integrated Management Systems
- Strategic Management
- Introduction to Safety Management
- Safety Management Systems
- Quality management-based safety management system
- Management Responsibilities
- Resource Management
- Product Realization
- Safety systems in operation (risks, ALARP, hazard management, etc.)
- Monitoring, evaluation and improvement
- Challenges in practical application
- Safety management in projects
- Hazard and risk management
- Safety planning
- Safety Case
- Safety Risks: Typical pitfalls

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
Continuous assessment

Teaching methods





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