Raffaela Zuliani, MSc

Researcher Assistant

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Lectures 2021/22

Applied Life Sciences

> Ecodesign ILV
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Ecodesign ILV

Lector: DI Bernd Brandt, Dipl.-Ing. Werner Frühwirth, MSc, Raffaela Zuliani, MSc


Lecture contents

- Eco design as a core requirement- Three pillars of sustainability
- Introduction to ecological design principles: Design flow charts, Design for Recycling, Design from Recycling.

- Legal and normative foundations of Eco Design- Circular Economy plan EU, Ecodesign Regulation, Packaging Regulation, Waste Management Act (AT), REACH, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14040/14044/14062), EMAS, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

- Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)- Sustainability assessment of packaging

- Eco Design web tools- Practical application of design principles

- Guidelines- Circular Packaging Design Guideline
- Packaging Design for Recycling
- Sustainability assessment of packaging

Case studies - web tools, re-design of packaging using the guidelies

Assessment methods

Continuous assessment
- 20 % Presentation (group)
- 50 % written report (group)
- 30 % written exam (all)

Teaching methods

Blended learning, consisting of lectures by the lecturer, guest lecture, practical examples in web tools, carrying out a case study, presentations by the students, written elaboration and written exam.