Bernhard Lehr

Qualified Social Worker
Academic Staff

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Lectures 2020/21

Social Work

> Orientation and Fields of Social Work ILV
Social Work more

Orientation and Fields of Social Work ILV

Lector: FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Alexander Brunner, Dipl.-Soz.Pä (FH) Johanna Coulin-Kuglitsch, Gabriele Kronberger, MA MSc, Bernhard Lehr, Mag.a Irene Messinger, Mag.a (FH) Doris Stephan, Mag.a Christine Würfl


Lecture contents

In this module the reflection about personal learning and biography are encouraged and specific revision strategies conveyed. Alongside a presentation of students' group work as a specific form of learning, methods of time management are introduced, and the personal implementation of such methods addressed.
Furthermore, the students learn about the department's curriculum with its modular structure and receive an introduction to the administrative procedures of the degree. They receive an initial overview of the different areas of work, as well as about professional intervention in the context of Social Work.

Assessment methods

Final exam

Teaching methods

Discussion, group work, lecture



> Praxis Reflection 5 SE
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Praxis Reflection 5 SE

Lector: Dipl.-Soz.Pä (FH) Johanna Coulin-Kuglitsch, Mag.a(FH) Silvia Frauscher, Mag.a Iris Frühmann-Pribil, Gabriele Kronberger, MA MSc, Bernhard Lehr, Mag.a (FH) Doris Stephan, Mag. (FH) Thomas Valina, MA, Mag.a Gabriele Wild, Mag.a Christine Würfl


Lecture contents

Full time students:
In various settings, students will present their experiences from the practical placements of the previous semester; in doing so, various presentation techniques will be implemented.
In small groups and in individual coaching, students reflect upon and analyse relevant topics from the professional practice and provide insights into questions and problems they have brought with them from various social institutions and social systems (both in Austria and abroad). The learning experiences from the practical placement will be connected to each other and integrated in the context of the training in such a way that the professional identity is supported.

Part time students:
During the practical placements which are experienced between the 3rd and 5th semester, emphasis will be placed on the continual reflection and analyse of diverse personal and professional experiences, both in single and group contexts, as well as the integration of experiences in the students’ own professional understanding. This serves the students own development of a professional identity.

Assessment methods




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