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Lectures 2019/20

Applied Life Sciences

> Journal Club ILV
Industrial Packaging Technologymore

Journal Club ILV

Lector: Anna-Sophia Bauer, MSc, Elisabeth Pinter, BSc


Lecture contents

The students will get to know scientific literature and will be introduced to the most commonly used research platforms. As part of an assignment the students will review a publication and present it to their fellow students.

Assessment methods

Scoring system:
15 % - 15 Points: Assignment (Formulate your research question)
40 % - 40 Points: Assignment (Your results/final presentation)
15 % - 15 Points: Online Peer-Feedback
30 % - 30 Points: Your Final Presentation

>90 % Excellent
90 - 80 % Good
80 - 70 % Satisfactory
70 - 60 % Sufficient
<60 % Insufficient

Teaching methods

Introduction through the combination of a lecture and guided research.
Individual computer work at home to deal with the topic.
Online feedback through fellow peers. Final presentation of the results by the students.



> Sustainability and Packaging ILV
Industrial Packaging Technologymore

Sustainability and Packaging ILV

Lector: Anna-Sophia Bauer, MSc, DIin DIin Victoria Krauter

2.5 SWS

Lecture contents

>Definition and principles of sustainability
>Integration of social (people), ecological (planet) and economic (profit) responsibility
>Sustainable development and business ethics
>Sustainability and Packaging
•Life cycle assessment throughout the entire supply chain
•Sustainability and design
•Packaging sustainability framework
•Sustainable packaging materials
•Reuse and recovery
•Sustainable business strategy
>Case study: sustainable packaging

Assessment methods

A total of 100 points can be achieved.
From 60 points the ILV is positively completed.

Teaching methods

Blended learning consisting of lectures, workshops, student presentations and E-learning-units.