Administrative Departments

Research and Project Coordination

The Research and Project Coordination Office offers all FH Campus Wien employees a wide range of support in applying for third-party funding, developing and implementing projects in the areas of research and development, training and further education, organizational and personnel development and other questions concerning R&D activities.

The services offered include:

  • Information on regional, national and international funding programs

  • Consultation on:

    • the search for third-party funds
    • the preparation of grant applications and offers
    • the implementation of projects
    • the creation of monitoring reports
  • Examination of grant applications, offers and monitoring reports
  • Support for FH Campus Wien internal project processes
  • Preparation of project portfolio reports for the university management and the departments
  • Support of the university management in the implementation of the R&D Road Map


Quality Management

FH Campus Wien places major importance on quality, especially in the performance processes teaching, research and development and further education. The quality management system is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001.


The two most important pillars in the quality management system of FH Campus Wien are:

  •  Evaluation Management: The feedback from students, graduates, teachers and staff is enormously important for the status quo of the quality level and for the timely recognition of unfavorable developments. Surveys are conducted regularly at FH Campus Wien and the results are made available anonymously to both, the respondents and the responsible parties (e.g. program heads, university management).
  • Process Management: Processes and their interfaces are defined and documented, activities for self-determined process improvement initiated and process thinking promoted in the organization. All processes at FH Campus Wien are illustrated in an interactive process map. The extent to which the processes are also practiced as described is checked regularly in the context of quality audits.

Thanks in large part to the help of the Quality Management Department, FH Campus Wien has received further awards and certifications regarding our quality culture at various levels.



The Legal Department has the following responsibilities:

  • Legal consultation for the bodies, organizational units and other institutions of FH Campus Wien
  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts, FH Campus Wien internal regulations and other legal texts
  • Nostrification processes
  • Committee supervision
  • Management of a central contract archive
  • Assessment of draft legislation, support with the implementation of legislation


The Controlling Department has the following responsibilities:

  • Project controlling
  • Cost & activity allocation
  • Hourly rate determination for project staff
  • Budget preparation and multi-year planning (excl. KAV)
  • Strategy controlling
  • Study place management (UVs, increases)


    Strategic Cooperations

    The Office of Strategic Cooperations has the following responsibilities:

    Deepening and expanding cooperations between FH Campus Wien and companies and institutions and public-sector organizations.

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