"Qualified for the digital transformation"

As a result of digitization, our society is facing profound changes. At an unprecedented rate, new technologies are entering and defining our areas of life. Thus, transformation processes have come into play that require a profound evaluation and active intervention as well as taxes for the benefit of society. A new Master’s course therefore combines digitization, politics and communication, which, as Head of Master’s Course Peter Grabner explains, is a groundbreaking approach.

With the new part-time Master’s Course Digitization, Politics and Communication, FH Campus Wien closes an important gap in the education market. How did that come about?

In many discussions with our partners from administration, politics and the economy, the urgent need for an educational offer such as this was repeatedly raised. Therefore, this Master’s course is dedicated to the task of producing graduates who interweave political expertise, technical knowledge and communication know-how. Over the next few years, experts and decision-makers in public and political institutions as well as large private companies will be needed, who are able to work together to develop these areas in the context of advancing digitization while also taking ethical considerations into account.

Who is the target group for this Master’s course that is unique in Austria?

It is for everyone who already works in this cross-sectional area and wants to broaden their knowledge in order to play a central role in shaping this transformation process. Our Master’s course focuses on practical experience. That is why we pay special attention to the selection process for our teachers. As top specialists and executives, our teachers bring current topics from their successful professional practice into the classrooms and, like fellow students, form an essential part of the cross-party personal network.

Education has always been the key to active participation in society, and this is no different in an increasingly digital society. Keyword “democracy mission”: What does it look like?

FH Campus Wien has set itself the task of actively helping to shape this change and to help shape it in the public sector. With the new Master’s Course in Digitization, Politics and Communication, we can set a new impulse in this direction. If we want to continue to be successful as a society, we must actively shape the future. Digital change will affect almost every area of our lives, which is why it is so important that those areas that negotiate and manage the framework are well-trained and ready to face the tech giants on equal footing. This begins with well-
qualified employees.