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Our team of highly qualified, experienced English trainers offers tailor-made English courses for all degree programs at FH Campus Wien.

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Teacher Trainings Courses

English as an integral part of the curriculum

  • communicative
  • state-of-the-art language instruction with a focus on fluency
  • mix of content relevant for respective study program
  • communication training

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We will be practicing presentation techniques, important phrases and tricks in order to give impressive presentations in English. Practical application of any procedure is a main focus point of the course. In a relaxed atmosphere we will systematically build the participants' confidence in their speaking skills.

The following topics are at the core of the course:

  • planning and structuring a presentation
  • getting the audience's attention
  • effective beginnings
  • signposting
  • survival tactics
  • dealing with questions

This type of training is based on the presentation techniques, important phrases and tricks in order to give impressive presentations in English that were learned in the basics course. While practical application is still a main focus point of the course, this course goes way beyond. This session is focused on building a higher level of confidence in speaking and presentation skills, all of which are task oriented. A real "Learn by Doing" course that includes core basics with an attention grabbing attitude, video use, and analysis.

The following topics are an essential part of the course:

  • planning and structuring an advanced presentation
  • holding the audience's attention
  • essential beginnings
  • supporting middle measures
  • closures

"Learn by Doing" will be the key phrase for this training. It is a hands-on course where we will look at new and different means of engaging students to help them learn faster, easier and with better results. This will include many modern teaching techniques that take advantage of multiple intelligences such as audio, visual and kinesthetic exercises to involve all areas of the brain and body in effective teaching in the classroom.

Ever wanted to flip a class and then have them describe the world blind?
Then come and join us.

English in the classroom: idiomatic phrases for instructions, communication with students and classroom management

  • How to explain processes and procedures in English
  • How to use signposting effectively to structure a talk / lecture
  • How to give feedback and correction
  • How to use English for supervision and discussions
  • Vocabulary expansion: tools and media in the seminar room
  • Simulation sessions: practical application of English in the classroom

This is the follow-up to the Advanced Presentation Skills in English. It is dedicated to presenters who have the need to give cutting- edge presentations, that are more interactive, multisensory, and steps out of the normal. This training includes the fundamental points needed, it also includes aspects that are interactive, multisensory, social media, online communication, webinars and filming.

In this conversation-type course we will get together and discuss teaching-related topics, watch relevant videos and exchange our opinions on our lives as lecturers. Thereby we will focus on fluency training in English, the use of idiomatic conversation phrases and the language of meetings. In a relaxed atmosphere we will do networking, exchange new ideas and analyze arising language issues in the feedback session towards the end of every meeting.

Leave the classroom behind, put on your thinking cap, bring your lunch munchies and get ready to take a walk on the crazy side of Roulette Lunch English. When the weather is good, we will head outside for  grazing, a lot of new vocabulary and lots of fun. You will be challenged  in English with the likes of board games, treasure hunts, pub quiz (minus the booze),  piñata, and much, much more.

Oxford Test of English Test Center

The Oxford Test of English is a new, high-quality general English proficiency test. It has been developed and validated by Oxford University Press and independent experts.

Oxford Test of English

The only way you can really teach is if you have the ability to learn for yourself.

Brian Lott

Quality in language instruction

Advanced didactics for modern teaching standards

State-of-the-art communicative teaching methods are implemented in all our courses.
Teaching methodology is documented by means of transparent lesson plans to guarantee high teaching standards within the team of instructors.
Regular teacher conferences and methodology updates support continuous further training and high-level quality in language instruction.

The essence of language learning is having fun at the same time.

Andrea Zimpernik