Bild: Master Sozialwirtschaft und Soziale Arbeit

Social Economy and Social Work

You can apply to our degree programme online. After sending the online-application form you will receive an email with all further information relevant to the selection process.


The most important questions about the application:

Until when can I apply?

The application period for the academic year 2015/16 will be announced in time.


Which admission requirements are recognised?

  • Bachelor or Diploma from a university of applied sciences degree programme in Social Work
  • Diploma from a three-year academy for social work
  • Diploma from a two-year academy for social work with additional post-secondary training and/or continuing vocational training to the extent of 60 ECTS credits (continuously during one year)
  • Diploma/Bachelor in social sciences (e.g. political science, sociology, social and cultural anthropology, development studies)
  • Diploma/Bachelor in educational science and philosophy
  • Diploma/Bachelor in psychology
  • Diploma from an education academy/college of education
  • Equivalent foreign certification: the equivalence arises from international-law agreements, validation or in individual cases a decision by the head of the academic section.

What do I need for the application?

Firstly you need to apply for our degree programme online. After sending the online application form, you will receive an e-mail with all further information relevant to the selection process.


When does the selection procedure take place?

The selection process takes place in May/June 2014.

How does the selection procedure work?

The selection process is based on a one-to-one interview.

The time of your application (within the application period) is of no relevance for the applicaion process). Relevant job-related qualifications are beneficial.


How can I shorten the length of my studies?

There is the possibility of gaining an exemption from individual courses and obtaining credits for them. Each case will be decided individually.