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Vienna Institute for Safety & Systems Engineering

Safety Competence Center Vienna (SCCV)

The SCCV addresses the issue of System Safety and Functional Safety on management and process levels. The goal is to increase system safety according to existing safety standards and guidelines, based on mature processes and the incorporation of specific safety processes. An Integrated Safety Process (ISaPro) is established. Necessary life cycles of development, safety and process management are all interrelated and correlated via ISaPro for the successful development of safe systems.


The Safety Competence Center Vienna (SCCV) is funded within the COIN programme of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)



Safety Network Engineering Team (SNET)

The SNET specialises in the development of systems that are used in a safety-relevant environment. The standard-compliant implementation of such safety-related systems and their integration into existing networks requires specific expertise in areas such as reliability, defensive programming, or compliance with coding guidelines and subsets, respectively.



The City of Vienna Competence Team for Safety Network Engineering (SNET) is supported by one of the city's municipal authorities, MA 23 – Economy, Lobour and Statistics, within the framework 'Endowed Chairs and Competence Teams for Education at Viennese Universities of Applied Sciences'.


MA 23 - Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Statistik