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R&D PLC (F&E GmbH) becomes knowledge hub in the field of engineering

Hans Tschürtz, Head of the Research and Development PLC (F&E GmbH) at the FH Campus Wien, presented on 13th September 2006 for the first time its F&E competencies. The aim of the event "campus meets company" was to present to the attending companies the idea of the knowledge hub in the field of engineering.

More than 50 visitors from several companies, such as Frequentis, Siemens, Philips, StreamUnlimited Engineering, Sagem, Decomsys, as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises came to the university of applied sciences, in order to learn more about the most current developments in R&D at the FH Campus Wien.

Präsentation F&E-Kompetenzen 2006

from left to right.: DI (FH) Hans Tschürtz, Head of R&D, Mag.a (FH) Susanna Boldrino, Head of the Project Office at the FH Campus Wien, Mag.a Dr. Tosca Wendt, Head of the Competence Centre for Social Work, DI Gabriele Schedl, Safety Director Frequentis, Ing. Willi Behensky, Managing Director FH Campus Wien.

The first “campus meets company” event introduced the R&D at the FH Campus Wien and presented current projects such as the “know-how over IP”- project (KHoIP), the “NOBEL” - project and the planned “Safety Competence Centre Vienna”.

Armin Schlögl, student of the FH Campus Wien degree programme “Information Technologies and Telecommunication”, presented his diploma thesis “IAX (InterAsterisk eXchange Protocol) Implementation on INCA-IP”. With the presentation of the diploma thesis the R&D PLC showed to the attending audience the highly practice oriented degree programmes at the FH Campus Wien and the positive side-effects of a cooperation with the FH Campus Wien.

Lectures on the Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in Project Proposals (by Mag.a Ulrike Alker, M.A., responsible for gender mainstreaming and diversity management), Cultural Changes by Processes (by Mag.a Dr. Tosca Wendt, Head of the Competence Centre for Social Work PLC) and Grants for R&D (by Mag.a (FH) Susanna Boldrino, Head of the Project office of the FH Campus Wien) rounded up the programme for the visitors.

Safety Competence Centre Vienna at the FH Campus Wien closes gaps in safety education
At present, Austrian industry has to train its required safety experts mainly internally due to a lack of externally offered safety training courses. The Safety Competence Centre Vienna, part of the R&D at the FH Campus Wien, intends to offer safety related training programmes to industry. In planning is a Safety Board, where, among other things, an integrative safety process will be developed and safety training and safety certifications carried out. The aim of the Safety Board is, among others, to create a safety consciousness and to train safety engineers. This should give numerous advantages to the cooperating enterprises, the members of the R&D PLC and the FH Campus Wien: “Our members contribute to the definition of the standards and get the possibility to network with safety professionals”, stresses Tschürtz.

NOBEL project: Frequentis cooperates with the FH Campus Wien in the field of safety
An enterprise, which increasingly requires safety experts and therefore relies on cooperation with the R&D PLC at the FH Campus Wien, is Frequentis. Frequentis is an international supplier of communication and information systems in the fields of air traffic management and public safety & transport, used by organisations such as the police, fire-brigade, rescue, navigation and railways.

The aim of the NOBEL project is the development of automatic safety tests, consisting of, among others, the introduction and extension of a software release process, the extension of existing automated tests and the development of a stimulation mechanism for safety relevant systems.

DI Gabriele Schedl, Safety Director of Frequentis and lecturer at the FH Campus Wien, presented the Importance of Safety for Projects and Business during the event "campus meets company". According to Schedl, today’s conventional quality management methods are not sufficient to ensure the security of systems due to the “constantly rising complexity of technical systems and the fact that critical functionalities are performed more and more frequently by software”. System security is ensured therefore only by a systematic approach, which must be introduced and implemented enterprise-wide. Furthermore it is already legally prescribed in various safety-relevant areas. The main focus lies in the reduction of risk for the occurrence of unforeseeable accidents and the avoidance of foreseeable accidents and incidents. “By this systematic approach to the systems analysis risks should be proactively recognised and counter measures should be undertaken within good time”, says Schedl.

Development of a Competence Centre for voice over IP (VoIP) at the FH Campus Wien
The aim of the Competence Centre for voice over IP is the development of a VoIP platform on the basis of the requirements of the cooperating partners. The cooperating partners from the businesses and the students will be involved in the competence centre. An extension of the curriculum and the use of VoIP laboratory facilities are possible ways to integrate this topic into courses at the FH Campus Wien.

For Tschürtz the event “campus meets company” was a successful prelude to further network events between the FH Campus Wien and business. A film from Siemens presenting a safety case will be shown at a next event already in October. “This film made an enormous impression on me and I can imagine that this film could strongly change the way our visitors think about safety”, says Tschürtz.

Registration and information about the next network event “campus meets company” are possible via Hans Tschürtz: