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10-years of “Civil Engineering and Construction Management”

300 highly qualified specialists for the construction industry graduated from the FH- degree programme “Civil Engineering and Construction Management” during the ten years of its existence. This was reason enough for a special celebration on 12th October. Students, graduates, lecturers and business representatives came, in order to look back and look forward with the degree programme.

DI Dr. Karl Mezera, consultant to the management and important joint-founder of the FH-degree programme, welcomed the guests and commemorated Government Building Surveyor DI Dietrich Schobesberger whose untimely death on 8th July 2006 shocked everyone. DI Dietrich Schobesberger was chairman of the Course-providing Association since the beginning of the degree programme and played a decisive role in the development of the FH Campus Wien.

The two specialised lectures dealt with construction industry issues: Professor (FH) Techn.Rat Ing. Mag. Herbert Wolkerstorfer, a founding lecturer, promoter and friend of the FH-degree programme, spoke on the topic “Full Costs versus Direct Costs”, while Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Kropik (TU Wien) spoke on “Adjective Law and Practise on the basis of the Federal Law on Public Procurement (BVergG) 2006”. An enthralling, high quality discussion developed following both presentations.

The guest speaker Mag. Martin Huber, Speaker of the executive committee of the Austrian National Railways (ÖBB), couldn’t stop himself from referring to the close cooperation between business and the universities of applied sciences during his speech because “practically-oriented education programmes are the key to a functioning economy”, stressed Huber. Finally, he invited students and graduates of the FH- degree programme “Civil Engineering and Construction Management ” to apply to the ÖBB in particular for the newly started trainee programme.


The meeting was concluded with a panel discussion chaired by the Rector Dr. Heinz Schmidt with a representative of the Porr AG KR Bmst. Dipl.Ing. Stephan Gillich, of the ÖBB Infrastructure PLC, Dr. Hubert Hager, as well as representatives of the FH Campus Wien, Managing Director Ing. Wilhelm Behensky and the heads of the degree programmes DI Dr Doris Link and DI Claudia Link-Krammer. The participants sounded out the relationship between business and universities of applied sciences. The business representatives referred to a high degree of satisfaction with graduates from FHs. The linkage of technical, economic, legal and social skills in FH-education is regarded as being particularly successful. Wilhelm Behensky emphasised the reciprocal effect of business and FHs: a good FH-education depends above all on to what extent business communicates what is actually required. Behensky also suggested an intensified political lobbying on the part of business, because “far too few young people feel drawn to technology-oriented occupations. However, we cannot start this necessary consciousness process alone. Business must help with this.”

Finally, the heads of the degree programmes Doris Link and Claudia Link-Krammer alluded to the new full-time FH-degree course “Civil Engineering and Construction Management” in a special way, because: “We can’t begin early enough to look for industry placement places for our future full-time students. Therefore, we address an appeal to the industry to give these future graduates a chance in their businesses.”